Renault Solarbay opaque roof: a treat for passengers

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Sometimes we take for granted that certain accessories on our cars can no longer be improved: the Renault Solarbay roof is proof that there is never a limit to the best! Let’s take a closer look at how it works and on which vehicles it is available

Dim the brightness of the sun, maintaining a bright interior with the right temperature, it’s never easy with a traditional glass roof. But this is no longer a problem new full hybrid Renault Rafale E-Tech and electric Scenic E-Tech models: these vehicles are in fact equipped with an innovative panoramic roof which is available on request it may become opaque or transparent, completely or partially.

This allows you to manage internal brightness efficiently and also helps to maintain a comfortable internal temperature, both in summer and winter. The Renault Solarbay opaque sunroof is a joint development the Renault and Saint-Gobain Security, the venue a representative element of philosophy construction of the French brand.

Renault Solarbay opaque roof: a treat for passengers

At Renault we continually innovate to improve life on board our vehicles and the comfort standards of our customers. Solarbay is a smart, high-tech feature that does exactly that.

Anne-Chloé Kort, Product Leader, Renault Scénic E-Tech.

Renault Solarbay roof: comfort, simplicity and a touch of style

When the midday sun beats down on the glass roof, the only way to shelter from the heat until now has been to apply the famous sun blinds, but Solarbay has made this system decidedly obsolete. The main task of the Solarbay mattifying sunroof is as simple as it is importantand is completed quickly and easily.

Renault Solarbay opaque roof: a treat for passengers

It works using a button near the ceiling lightreachable by the driver and front passenger, or through the Google Assistant, for the ease and convenience of all occupants of the car. Despite being over one meter long, Solarbay it mattifies or clears completely in less than five seconds. All this happens without neglecting style, guaranteed by a ‘wave’ darkening movement discreet but spectacularwhich passes through the nine glass segments.

The pleasantness of the right brightness, without complications

Solarbay comes with four different dimming modes: all transparent, all opaque, transparent in front and opaque behind and vice versa. This operating mode allows all passengers, the driver first and foremost, to benefit from advantages of correct on-board lightingwithout getting distracted from driving and without having to make complicated adjustments.

Renault Solarbay opaque roof: a treat for passengers

Everything is accompanied by total thermal insulation never seen before in a transparent roof, combined with the simplicity of a mechanism that does not need fragile actuators electric or motorized blackout curtains. Of course it’s expected keeping the last setting made in memory, so as to always find the roof in the configuration in which it was left after each use. In essence it is an authentic ‘gem’, which rightfully fits into the best tradition of ‘cars to live’ at Renault.

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