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Renovation: from iotty the bonus to make your home smart

Renewing environments to make them more welcoming, elegant and smart, thanks also to the best Italian technology, is now more advantageous than ever. iottya leading Italian company in the smart home sector, has thought of a facilitation, therefore a bonus, which allows everyone to equip their home with intelligent devices, allowing considerable savings on the purchase price.

Iotty bonus, here’s how to request it

By writing directly to iotty at [email protected], you will come into contact with a Customer care highly qualified who will provide detailed information on intelligent solutions in the catalog and to which you can request an ad hoc quote based on individual needs and with additional privileges. By relying on the company’s consultants, users will have the opportunity to enjoy one discount on the totalcompared to the list price.

You can take advantage of the iotty bonus even if a renovation is planned

But there’s more. If there is a renovation planned, the benefit is greater. In fact, the iotty plates belong to the ‘electrical material’ category and, for this reason, private individuals who choose to purchase them can benefit throughout 2023 from the concessions provided for those who are renovating their homes, i.e. take advantage of a reduced VAT of 10% e access the 50% tax deduction over 10 years. For the purposes of presentation in the tax return, the purchase can only be made with a headed invoice and payment by bank transfer.

The iotty customer care service will be at your complete disposal to provide all the information and forms necessary to have your expenditure certified.

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The iotty Plus line

On the iotty website, customers will be able to choose the devices capable of satisfying their needs, choosing from all the solutions in the line iotty PLUS: the Smart Switch for lights and gates, the one dedicated to curtains and shutters and the Smart Socket. Thanks to their innovative features, Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated sensors, they will make our home smarter and also allow us to monitor energy consumption, not only for a greener lifestyle but also for savings in electricity bills. In addition, thanks to the dedicated app it will be possible to manage all the devices remotely at any time.

Still’rewarding user experience, joins the awareness of giving your home a touch of refined and modern elegance. Thanks to the premium materials used and the Italian design of the plates, the devices in the iotty PLUS they give a touch of class to any environment, even at the most exclusive. White, black, grey, light blue and sand are the color finishes available in the range, which allow iotty products to marry best with any type of furniture.

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