Sato Code, the open-air tech escape room on the streets of Milan

Sato Code, l'escape room a cielo aperto nel cuore di Milano thumbnail

Sato Code has the ambition to become the reference game in Italy for a new type of experience in the leisure sector. The game draws inspiration from escape rooms and extends the concept beyond the physical limits of the room. In this way the experience in real life, on the streets of the city Milano.

Sato Code on the streets of Milan: physical and virtual clues

And’open-air escape room therefore, which presents challenges of different kinds in an immersive and borderless game. Players will scour the more and less known streets of the center, looking for physical clues, which contain only a part of the coded information.

The other part of necessary information is provided by the Sato Code application, in a mix of real and virtual. The game enters reality and incorporates it. By finding the clues and deciphering the coded information, the different stages of the path are unlocked and thus you can progress in the game. What clues can be found? A morse code, which emerges in the drawings of a mural only with a careful look. A vinyl in a record store, with a cover that hides a figure to be interpreted. Or even a trace on a social profile that leads to a password to access a website.

The experience hits the mark because it enters daily life and creates relationships with the everyday scenario, however reversed during the game. The well-known streets, squares and streets now take on a different appearance and reveal secrets and mysteries, giving access to another dimension. There real life gamification proposed by Sato Code is a team game.

Sato Code in Milan: how the game is designed

In Milan the plot of the game is very underground. The darkweb calls on the mission participants and will have to make their own choices, whether to accept to take the assignment from a hacker known by the pseudonym FR13ND. A second Sato Code Game in Milan is already being prepared City Life.

The game is in fact designed as multiplayer: each player receives different and complementary information on his phone, to put together to continue the adventure. The teams are 2 to 4 players each. A larger group will create more teams that will compete on the course. The path involves choices to be made, which will lead to different outcomes.

They will be i participantstherefore, a determine the course of the game through the choices the team will make. “In 3 years of product development, the acquired know-how has led us to reach an unsurpassed level” he says Francesca Aliotta, co-founder of Sato Code. The puzzles are demanding but not impossible, never trivial, the length of the game is the right one.

This allows you to keep the adrenaline high until the game is resolved. The roads along which the routes wind are carefully chosen and the installations that are part of the game are handcrafted by our team of creative game designers.

L’app Sato Code

The team also develops the Sato Code application totally in-house. Thus mastering the concreteness of the installations to be positioned in the streets of the center, and the virtual dimension of the programming code behind the application. “In our startup everyone has the ownership of their own ideas, and can thus implement them with a view to the success of the game”.

The core values ​​around which the project revolves are the experimentation, the challenge, the will to succeed. Held together by a creative and agile thinking methodology, which quickly identifies winning solutions. The experience that Sato Code offers to the now thousands of players is the result of this work. Born from the passion and desire to create the best possible real-life game, accessible to everyone – this is the mission of Sato Code.

It is therefore inevitable that the commitment put into this project transpires in every aspect of the game, which is perceived and appreciated by all. “We have a 99% approval rating, which is no small feat – especially since we are introducing a totally new product, which we want everyone to know about.”

When can it be played?

Opportunities to play a Sato Code are never lacking. An evening with friends, an afternoon with the family, a first course romantic date or a hen or stag party. But that’s not all: the game is also appreciated as a t eventeam-building aziendale – not necessarily just tech companies like Google, simply a team willing to put themselves to the test.

How to book

To play there is no need to reservationIndeed, it is possible to start at any time, simply by purchasing tickets on the site and downloading the Sato Code app on each participant’s smartphone. Once you have reached the starting point indicated in the app, you can create your team and start the adventure. Sato Code arrives in Milan from 5 May 2023 at the introductory price of 6 euros per person. The game will be available for one year 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.