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Replacing the battery of an iPhone 14 will cost more

The new ones iPhone 14 they were unveiled last week and are preparing to hit stores over the next few days. Pending the debut, new details emerge regarding the repair costs of new smartphones. Replacing the battery of the newly presented iPhones will cost more than other models. Here are all the details on how Apple’s smartphone repair costs have changed.

Here are the battery replacement costs of the new iPhone 14 in the US

As reported by 9to5Macfor the battery replacement of one of the new iPhone 14 (including Pro models) a cost of $ 99 for the operation. For the previous models, however, the request was $ 69. The replacement cost will change, however, by relying on Apple authorized repair centers.

It should also be noted that the source points out how several out-of-warranty repair costs have increased. Always with reference to the USA, in fact, replacing the display of a 14 Pro Max will cost 50 dollars more, with an expense that goes from 329 dollars, required for the 13 Pro Max, to 379 dollars. Most likely, repair costs in Italy will also be significantly higher. More details on the matter will come over the next few days.

We remind you that Apple’s new smartphones are available for pre-order with deliveries starting next September 16th. Only for the 14 Plus, however, the debut is set for the beginning of October.

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