Reported problems with the Apple Watch 8 microphone

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Reports of users who complain are growing online problems with the microphone of some new models of Apple Watch 8 e Ultra. Apparently, the function continues to become unresponsive for an unspecified period of time, causing apps that rely on the microphone to generate errors and stop working. Quite an annoying issue for Apple wearables owners.

Apple Watch 8 and Ultra: Microphone issues reported

The MacRumors and Apple Support forums continue to welcome reports from users complaining of microphone issues on some Apple Watch 8 and Ultra models. Apparently, the problem concerns the Noise App, and also ends up preventing the proper functioning of system functions such as Siri and Dictation. As reported by users, this malfunction materializes in the notification “Measurement suspended. The Noise App cannot control audio levels when Apple Watch is in Water Lock, or while the microphone or speaker is in use “. Basically, writes a user, “it is as if the microphone were being used by another App“.

Apple Watch 8 bug microfono

Based on the reports, the problem can be resolved temporarily restarting the Apple Watch until the bug manifests itself again, suggesting that the problem is related to the software rather than due to a hardware defect. Furthermore, it must be considered that the release of watchOS 9 for the Ultra models does not seem to solve the problem, of which Apple has however declared itself to be aware. The company has, in fact, replaced the new models under warranty, but will only do so until it corrects the bug in an upcoming software update.