The rag doll, a special event in Venice 79 with Gerini

Sharp festeggia il suo 110° compleanno

The rag doll, the winning project of the FOURTH edition of the contest ‘The Reality that “does not” exist’, written and directed by Nicola Conversa, will be previewed as a special event at the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival

The most important film festival in Italy is underway and with it important local projects. It will be premiered as a special event at Venezia 79, The Rag Doll, winning project of the fourth edition of the contest The Reality that “does not” Exist. The short written and directed by Nicola Conversa is played by Mariasole Pollio, Giancarlo Commare, Tommaso Cassissa and Ludovica Coscione with the extraordinary participation of Claudia Gerini.

The rag doll, a special event in Venice 79 with Gerini

Venice 79, The rag doll: synopsis

The direct short of Conversation is presented like this:

I was a broken doll, I dreamed of a boy who with a needle and thread was ready to mend me …

Dreaming, writing, telling. Your words become a story, your online diary becomes public. A way to express yourself, a way to find other souls with fears and passions to share. Mia (Mariasole Pollio) is 16 years old and thanks to her virtual diary she meets Tommaso (Giancarlo Commare), sensitive, attentive, full of energy: a charming prince who seems tailor-made for her.

A magical encounter made first of chat and then of video calls up to the fateful: I want to meet you live …

The rag doll, a special event in Venice 79 with Gerini

The on-line grooming in the short film of Conversa

The short of Conversation presents itself as a story of great impact which, through different contents, offers the public a complete story on a very important topic such as online grooming.

According to the OECD, there are about 500 thousand sexual predators active every day on the net. this phenomenon, known as “on-line grooming”, where over 50% of victims are aged between 12 and 15 years. Online grooming is a slow and studied process where the cyber predator develops an intimate online relationship with a young victim, unaware of the sexual and exploitative purpose.. The cyber predator, or groomer, lures the victim through empathy, claiming to “take care” of the emotional, affective and psychological world of the underage victim, who, deceived, it ends up trusting and opening up, breaking down every defense and control capacity.

From the dossier “Online sexual abuse to the detriment of minors”, by the National Center for the fight against online child pornography (CNCPO) of the Postal and Communications Police Service of Rome with the collaboration of Save the Children, it is clear that the young people most affected are in the age group between 10 and 13 years, without however an impact on gender: males and females are almost equally at the center of online grooming cases intercepted by the Postal Police. In general, children and young people who use the network seem to be more exposed to the risk of enticement when they use social networks and messaging.

The rag doll, curiosity of the short film presented in Venice 79

The Rag Doll comes as an interesting short, produced by One More Pictures con Rai Cinemais a highly innovative transmedia project with a multi-platform launch, designed for dissemination purposes and aimed at a young audience increasingly connected to the web.

The short was made in two ways: A linear short film simultaneously with the official screening of Venezia 79 will be launched exclusively on RaiPlay with the option of audio description and subtitles and LIS version created by Rai Pubblica Utilità. A second short film in Virtual Reality 360 at the same time an Artwork created by Josephine will be published on the Rai Cinema Channel VR App, available on the App Store, Play Store and Oculus 3 Yole Signorelli @Fumettibrutti 4. There will also be a Podcast series in 5 episodes in collaboration with RaiPlay Sound.

The artwork of the poster is made by Josephine Yole Signorelli @fumettibrutti and the musical track that accompanies the story is “INSULTI” by Carl Brave. The short film of Conversa it will be available from 6 September 2022 on RaiPlay ”and soon on the Rai Cinema Channel VR app.

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