Rescue Party: Live! is available on Steam and Epic

Rescue Party: Live! è disponibile su Steam ed Epic thumbnail

The new party game Rescue Party: Live! is available from today 13 January for all PC players who will be able to purchase the new title, published by 505 Games and developed by TAG Studio, on Steam ed Epic. The game challenges players to collaborate with each other in a race with time that will require coordination in correct actions and decisions. On the occasion of the game’s release, the new official trailer. Let’s see all the details on the new game.

Rescue Party: Live! is available on PC

The new Rescue Party: Live! Is now available, a really interesting party game that promises a lot of fun with gaming sessions up to 4 players. The title can be purchased at the price of 9,99 euro on both Steam and Epic. Note that the game supports the Italian language with subtitles and interface.

The game can count on a total of 9 characters to choose your favorite. There are also 6 completely different environments, able to offer a varied and always very fun gaming experience. The title can be played in both single player and multiplayer (online or local with four controllers or by sharing the keyboard). The game has all the credentials to be one of the most interesting party games of the moment.

The launch trailer for the title

Here’s the new launch trailer for the game released today:

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