Oculus Quest 2: with an upcoming update it will be possible to map the rooms

Oculus Quest 2: con un prossimo update sarà possibile mappare le stanze thumbnail

Oculus Quest 2 should receive a very soon new update which will enrich the functionality of Meta’s VR viewer. Thanks to the new update, the viewer could receive a function already anticipated in recent months. In the future, in fact, the Oculus Quest 2 should be able to map the rooms going to recreate spaces in their own virtual reality.

New update for Oculus Quest 2 coming: will it be possible to map the rooms of the house?

indiscretion about the new update was launched by the insider Basti564 who closely follows the world of virtual reality. According to what has emerged in these hours, the VR viewer will soon be able to count on a new update that will allow users to access various new functions. Among the novelties there will also be the possibility of set up an entire room as a play space (and no longer delimit the playing area) by going to map the whole environment in which you are, defining in borders near the limits of the room itself. In the attached tweet you can see a short video of the new feature.

Lots of news with the next updates

In the near future, Meta’s VR headset is set to receive further updates. There are many news to come. The company aims to extend functionality more and more of the viewer and virtual reality that will find applications in ever new and different contexts. More details will certainly come in the next few weeks.