Reset an iPhone that won’t turn on? Possible with ReiBoot

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Today we talk about the ReiBoot service, the world’s No.1 tool for iPhone recovery mode among the free software categories

Today we talk about the ReiBoot service, but, more specifically of the unpleasant situation that sees an iPhone and a user without their smartphone as the protagonist, that is when the device for various reasons does not work properly and does not turn on.

It happens not infrequently that some iPhones, for reasons related to the sector memory, cache, or similar situations, can get stuck in the classic black screen and wheel that turns endlesslyor just literally freeze, making any recovery attempt in vain.

Trivially, sometimes the solution is to perform a forced restart of the device through prolonged presses on the power button or, combo with the physical buttons, but other times all this is not enough, and here you can use different tools that the sector puts available, just to solve this problem, today in particular we are talking about Tenorshare ReiBootwhich was created specifically for apple operating systems, therefore for ISO, especially iPhone. Before explaining what it is in detail we can briefly say that it is a software developed to solve system problems and repair errors that naturally occur during use.

Reset an iPhone that won't turn on?  Possible with ReiBoot

Reset an iPhone that won’t turn on? Possible with ReiBoot

Tenorshare is an international software company founded in 2007, which after achieving success with several award-winning software products has entered into several partnerships with various developers across the industry. Tenorshare’s mission is to aim for data security and system fixes for iOS and Android. Tenorshare’s focus is on platforms iOS, Android, Windows e Mac. Trying to Provide Users with Device Content Management, Data Recovery, Password Recovery, and OS Repair Solutions To date, Tenorshare products and services are trusted by over 10 million users worldwide. . Boasting collaborations with softonic e zdnet.

But what is ReiBoot? It is considered by many users who have tested and used the software to be the world’s No.1 tool for iPhone recovery mode among free software category. The software is able to detect and fix bugs, fix locked screen, system errors, driver errors, update problems, and finally get out of the age-old scene of ISO stuck, where Tenorshare is an expert on the latter.

These are the points that can be resolved;

  • iPhone stuck in DFU mode
  • iPhone stuck on updating iCloud settings
  • iPod touch keeps flashing the Apple logo
  • iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo
  • iPhone stuck on activation screen
  • Apple TV stuck on the AirPlay screen
  • iPhone stuck on iCloud restore
  • Apple TV blocked on activation
  • Apple TV stuck in recovery mode
  • Apple TV stuck on the Apple logo
  • iPhone stuck on verifying restore
  • iPod touch stuck in disk mode

Reset an iPhone that won't turn on?  Possible with ReiBoot

At this link you will find the guide of wizard (even if the software will guide you) written in detail. The software works like this, first force restart the device, then fix iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel, without data loss, then restore the device with iTunes and update your device to the latest iOS version .

Then the software is constantly updated so many functions over time will change or will simply be replaced by more efficient ones and in line with the new ISO releases. For example, it has recently been used to restore iPhone / iPad / iPod touch without the aid of iTunes or Finder, or a 1-click mode, to enter and exit recovery mode.

In any case, you can take advantage of an assistance system, which will assign you a consultant within a maximum of 48 hours to solve your problems. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from