Resident Evil 4 creator: “We didn’t think we were innovative”

Il creatore di Resident Evil 4: "La telecamera non è stata progettata per essere innovativa" thumbnail

There are many video games that have taken inspiration from the revolutionary camera system used in Resident Evil 4, released in 2005. However, the creator and director of the video game, Shinji Mikamirevealed that the basis of the project Capcom there was never the will to create something innovative.

In fact, the game introduced the visuale in terza persona over the shoulders, that is to say above the shoulders of the protagonist. Solution then adopted almost universally in the videogame world in third-person games.

Mikami talks about Resident Evil 4: “We just thought that was the best view”

Mikami’s statements came during an interview with his colleague Jun Takeuchi, who also worked on the Resident Evil franchise. The two discussed the last 25 years of the series, conversing precisely on the influence of the saga on the contemporary gaming world.

“It seemed like a natural choice, we didn’t plan to do something innovative, but in the end everyone kept saying we did it,” Mikami said. “We just thought that angle represented a better view. We weren’t trying to do something new or revolutionary, there was none of this in our plans ”.

Takeuchi also said that the Gears Of War development team personally reported to him that they based their camera on what they saw in Resident Evil. After all, the first Gears Of War was released in 2006, a year after the fourth chapter of Resident Evil.