Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get Rocket Launcher

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Do you want to quickly kill the enemies present in Resident Evil 4 Remake? Well, get ready because in this guide we are going to tell you how to get the rocket launcher

Resident Evil 4 Remake by Capcom is not exactly an easy video game and survive in an attempt to save the daughter of the president of the United States it may not be simple. In this regard, we have already drawn up some very useful guides, such as the one that explains where to find the golden egg, but we could not leave you dry. The fateful moment has come to reveal to you how to obtain a weapon that will facilitate (and not a little) your task, the rocket launcher.

How to get rocket launcher in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Get the rocket launcher in Resident Evil 4 Remake it is not very difficult as it will be able to be purchased from the seller. The rocket launcher will be present hanging in a rack at the start of the game next to it, however it cannot be purchased until the Chapter 4 and slaying the lake monster. In fact, after killing this monster it will be enough for you go further to the sellerwho will now be able to sell you a rocket launcher (but with a single shot) for the “modest” sum of 80,000 pesetas.

The price as you can see is certainly not cheap, however it could be very useful in the advanced stages of the game notwithstanding is provided with a single blow. By equipping a special pendant at the time of purchase it will be possible in any case reduce the price of the rocket launcher by 20%.pendant that you can get through the shooting range challenges accessible in the same Chapter 4.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get Rocket Launcher

How to use the flamethrower

Considering that 80,000 pesetas they only grant you a single rocket, it’s important not to waste it ed be sure that the shot can go well. Given the destructive power of this weapon it would be a waste if used to hit small normal enemies, it would be more appropriate to use the rocket launcher against a boss. In fact, the fights against them can be extremely complicated due to their vitality and the limited ammunition we may have at our disposal.

Although the rocket launcher can provide a good percentage of damage against the boss in question, it would be advisable to be found well away from the point of impact (and explosion) of the rocket to be launched. Use the rocket launcher at an advantageous moment and with the proper precautions can significantly reduce the difficulty of a battle and make it much easier for Leon.

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