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Super Mario Bros – The Movie: what to know before the release

Let’s find out everything there is to know about the release of the new movie dedicated to the most famous plumber ever: Super Mario

Another famous character is preparing to move from video games to cinema. It’s about Super Mario, and with him all the cute and colorful characters who inhabit his world. Let’s find out what awaits us in the new adventure dedicated to the moustached plumber, so loved by young and old.

Plot and voice actors | Super Mario Bros – The Movie: what to know before the release

The plot tells of two plumbers, Mario and Luigi who, intent on repairing an underground fault, are suddenly sucked into a green tube, finding themselves in another world. Once in this magical universe, however, the paths of the two will divide: if Mario arrives in the magical Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi will end up in the clutches of Bowser, the evil tyrant of the Dark Land. It will be up to Mario to try to bring him to safety, with the help of Peach, the princess of the kingdom. The film is directed by Aaron Horvath e Michael Jelenicscripted by Matthew Fogel and co-produced by Illumination e Nintendo.

To give voice to the characters, in the original version, there will be Chris Pratt (protagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy) ed Anya Taylor Joy (the famous Queen of Chess) who will dub Super Mario and Princess Peach respectively. Luigi will have the voice of Charlie DayBowser, archenemy of Mario, will have that of Jack BlackWhile Seth Rogen he will lend it to Donkey Kong. Clearly these will not be the voices we will hear in the Italian version, in which other voice actors will try their hand. Instead of Chris Pratt’s voice, we will hear that of Claudio Santamaria.

Super Mario Bros - The Movie: what to know before release

Chris Pratt he has always been a huge fan of this world, so much so that he would confess “The ten-year-old me would have flipped his turtle if he had known that growing up he would give voice to this character”. Claudius Santamaria it is no less; he too is a big fan of Mario, so much so that he said he was proud to be able to lend his voice to a character who accompanied him throughout his childhood, adolescence, but also during his maturity. It was different for Anya Taylor Joy, who has never been a big fan of video games. However, the actress confessed “When I took the job, my friends were so excited that we bought the whole world of Mario Kart and got busy. I’m a player now.”

Trailer and Release Date | Super Mario Bros – The Movie: what to know before the release

Super Mario Bros – the movie will be released on April 5 in Italian cinemas. The film can count on a long planning and realization period; in fact, it seems that the work went on for a good seven years. The result is characters modeled on values ​​more in step with the times. In this perspective, forget the defenseless Peach, to make room for a determined and courageous princess, ready to do anything to help Mario save his brother Luigi. Below you can enjoy a small taste of what we will see in the hall, thanks to the trailer:

A long absence from the big screen

We are certain that the release of Super Mario Bros – The Movie will not only make the little ones happy, but also those who grew up with the unforgettable character of Mario and the whole group of his crazy and colorful friends. The likeable plumber hasn’t returned to the cinema since 1993, the year in which a live-action dedicated to him was made. At the time they were Bob Hoskins e John Leguizamo to give life to Mario and Luigi, without going down in history. We just have to wait for April 5 to find out if this new feature film dedicated to the character symbol of Nintendo will be able to break through the hearts of young and old, as happened with video games.

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