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Resident Evil 4 Remake: how to pass the first village

The first obstacle of Resident Evil 4 is not long in coming, even in the remake: here’s how to overcome the infamous demonic village unscathed

Let’s see if we guessed right: you’re playing the remake of the legendary Resident Evil 4and you want overcome the first encounter in the village but you don’t understand how to do. The return of Leon Kennedy in his “handsome” phase does not fail to immediately put him at the center of the action. One does not have time to acclimatize in a small village, when suddenly the policemen who give him a lift end up in the crosshairs of the villagers. Just now that Leon had emerged unscathed from the events of Raccoon City… good fight, right? Just because it didn’t happen to you personally doesn’t mean it’s not your problem, especially if you’re holding the controller!

Well yes, compared to the city where the Umbrella Corporation played little chemist, the Spanish village has many more enemies to hurl against you. The good news is that we’ve already written a massive guide to help you with everything about the game in general. The slightly less pleasant one is that the first taste of the hordes of opponents that await you comes practically in the first minutes of the game. When you say “set the mood”… well, the remaster does it and damn it, it does it well. Let’s try to go step by step and understand how to face the challenge that awaits you. Stay tuned!

The primary goal – Resident Evil 4: how to pass the first village in the remake

The villagers will also put you at the center of the first fight in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and they will do it as soon as they figure out how to find you: it’s a tough situation to overcome. The reasons are many, but in general they will chase you between one building and another. Soon it will also be clear to you that you are in clamorous numerical inferiority. Let’s add that one of the inhabitants will mistake you for firewood and prepare the chainsaw… open up heaven. Once the battle has begun, you will have one purpose and only one: to survive for four minutes and a little more. The emphasis here is on “to survive”, and not on “slaughter”. There is time for that.

Do you know our shrewd invitation to “stay in the bell”? Well, you can take us at our word. As soon as the bell tower will be heard, the attack will end and a cutscene will make you realize that yes, you have literally been saved by the bell. Killing the infected will cause more to appear, without giving you a moment to catch your breath. Instead of aiming for carnage, try to economize on bullets. The tools scattered around the village help you, but you still play defensively. Killing the villagers will give you pesetas to spend later, but beyond this reward, think only of bringing the hide home. Yes, we are a broken record.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: how to pass the first village

Tricks and tips to do it – Resident Evil 4: how to pass the first village in the remake

In the center of the village you will see a two story building with the door open. Entering it will give you a moment to rest, but it will be short-lived: you will attract all the infected to your location. That is unless you have the time to push the nearby bookcase in front of the window. Take the opportunity to raid the ground floor before the chainsaw cuts its way through the front door. If you then go upstairs, you will find a rifle with accompanying ammunition. A good way to teach the locals a little hospitality: it won’t be the Romagna Riviera, but you’re still on the Iberian peninsula, aren’t you?

Alternatively, the east wing of the village offers a small barn in which you can also find a cow. By throwing a grenade into the granary (we couldn’t resist) you will be able to supply the local butcher’s… with some meat from the infected who will come there, of course. Also, for the sake of realism, the barn it will catch fire. There is also the tower option, but we recommend climbing only towards the end of the time. Once you reach the top, the floor will give way and you’ll end up in a room with only one exit. It goes without saying that that exit will be difficult to achieve, given the excellent company.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: how to pass the first village

Friendly fire on the enemy?! – Resident Evil 4: how to pass the first village in the remake

Have you ever heard of Pyrrhic victory? Thus it is said of a victory so narrow as to make defeat almost preferable. Well, i lumberjacks locals don’t shine with intelligence: they will be more than happy to try to kill you at the risk of take full advantage of their playmates. You try to stay away from them, and there’s a chance they’ll do it all by themselves. Well, okay, maybe not quite everything, but if you need an extra incentive know that Leon is not able to take the blow of a chainsaw. Even if the circular blades are always painful in all video games (and not only, in case it needs to be said).

On the other hand, the most unfortunate police officer in the gaming world manages to do something that many of us would have trouble completing. In fact, Leon does not take fall damage when jumping off a two-story building. With this trick you should have one more way to take advantage of the house we were talking about earlier. Keep everything we’ve told you in mind and get ready for the longest four minutes of the entire game. Remember: if your breath is short, “YOU’RE DEAD” appears on the screen. And that’s pretty much what we’re trying to avoid…

Resident Evil 4 Remake: how to pass the first village

In general

We can still discuss how tough the first phase of the game is, but the reality is another: in each chapter of the saga, it is better manage resources well. We’re talking about a franchise whose early episodes embarrassingly limited saves, with the gimmick of typewriters (okay, okay, typewriters) and whatnot. Pay particular attention to bullets: it is true, the fourth chapter has distanced itself from having to calculate every action to the millimeter of the original trilogy, but you are certainly not playing DOOM. While the idea would be fun, we recognize it.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: did you manage to get out of this slaughterhouse unscathed? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.