Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A modern classic

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In this review we will tell you in detail about Resident Evil 4 Remake, the remake of one of the most important survival horror games ever

Since when Capcom started doing remake of all the most important Resident Evil, fans have always anxiously awaited the turn of the fourth chapter. Resident Evil 4 is a very much loved title and moreover it also has great importance for the history of video games. In recent years Capcom has proven to be very good at reproducing its classics in a more modern guise, but giving justice to a work like this is not easy at all. If you are curious to find out if the company has managed to hit the mark this time too, this time review you can find our detailed analysis of the new Resident Evil 4 remake.

The good old fourth chapter – Review Resident Evil 4 Remake

Capcom’s remakes are known to change quite a few aspects of the original titles and obviously the company was no less with the fourth chapter. This makeover indeed presents a large number of changes both in mechanics and in the unfolding of events. Some sections of the game have been significantly modified, others added from scratch and still others completely removed.

However, despite the changes, overall the story remained largely unchanged. In fact, you will once again find yourself in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, this time sent to Spain to save the president’s daughter from a mysterious cult that managed to kidnap her. During your adventure you will have to face a large number of adversities and, although they will not be exactly the same as in the original, in the end, however, they will lead to very similar results.

If as far as the main narrative goes, there haven’t been any major changes, on the other hand all the characters have been made much deeper. In fact, both your allies and your antagonists will no longer be simple specks, but they will have a better characterization and a much more detailed background. This, however, fortunately does not imply that the game takes itself too seriously. Despite these improvements,i the remake still maintains the typical over the top atmospheres of the original and, albeit in a slightly less ridiculous way, all the characters will always find a way to slip some awkward jokes in the middle of their dialogue.

Overall, therefore, we can say that as regards the plot, this remake has brought many improvements, but unfortunately it also has a not just lack. In fact, it is completely missing in the game Separate Ways, the mini secondary campaign starring Ada Wong. Of course there is always the possibility that this part will be added later as DLC, but it’s really a shame it’s not in the base game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A modern classic

New Approaches – Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

The original Resident Evil 4 made history by setting the stage for the modern third-person shooting system, but nonetheless it is far from the quality standards we are used to today. For this reason Capcom has decided to modernize the gunplay of the title, making it much more like the one used in his other remakes. Obviously, however, the main element that distinguishes the fourth chapter has remained, that is the stunning of enemies. Hitting enemies in specific points such as the head or legs is indeed still possible unbalance themthus making them vulnerable to a close shot capable of knocking them down.

The mechanics of stunning enemies, however, has also been expanded thanks to the introduction of parry with the knife. In fact, now Leon’s knives will no longer only be used to eliminate opponents without wasting ammunition, but they can also be used for deflect incoming attacks. By pressing the deflection button at the right time you can block almost any type of attack, completely negating damage and tripping enemies. In addition, the knife can also be used to quickly free oneself from holds or to finish off stunned opponents with one blow. Fortunately, however, it is not possible to abuse this very useful mechanic too much, since Your weapon blade will now wear down with each use and once destroyed you can’t use it again until you repair it.

In addition to the new parry, another new mechanic has also been added in this remake: lo stealth. In fact, Leon is now able to squat and sneak around behind enemies to outflank them, or silently delete them one by one with the knife. As simple as this new mechanic is it really enriches the gaming experience a lot as it offers players the possibility to approach some areas with a very different approach.

But don’t think that the addition of stealth and detours makes the game any easier than the original. Regardless of the difficulty, in fact, the new Capcom remake will put you in front of a large number of really tough challenges which will require you to always make the most of all your options. Plus all the major bossfight have been adapted to the new mechanics thanks to the big changes that have also made them much funnier than the original.

Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A modern classic

Resource Management – ​​Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Even if it is much more action than the other chapters of the series, Resident Evil 4 Remake is still a survival and consequently the resource management it has a really important role. Although the resources are very abundant, in fact it is still necessary to learn how to manage your inventory well to avoid abandoning useful tools. Leon’s briefcase does not have infinite space and to keep all the weapons and objects you need inside you will have to spend some time fit everything perfectly.

As if that were not enough then in this title have also been added many more items that will crowd your inventory, such as the new consumable knives and resources. In fact, in the remake the crafting has been deepened and it is now possible to combine different types of resources for create ammunition, grenades and so on. In addition, of course, there is still the possibility of merge some treasures to increase their value but, fortunately, as in the original these riches will not take up space in the inventory.

Obviously with all these things your briefcase will end up filling up easily, but luckily you will have the opportunity to expand it with the help of the inevitable merchant. In fact, even in the remake you can find the iconic Resident Evil 4 street vendor, ready to upgrade your weapons or sell you items for money (obtained by defeating enemies and selling treasures). This time, however, the merchant will also be able to offer you some new improvements that will go to affect the type and amount of items found. In addition, through the prizes of a particular minigame, you can also obtain very useful ones keychain to hang on the case to get passive bonuses of various types. Thanks to all these new accessories you will have the possibility to focus on specific bonuses that will allow you to have different ones benefits targeted to your play style.

Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A modern classic

Extra Fees – Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

Compared to that of the original, the Resident Evil 4 Remake map is much more curated and interconnected. Until you leave the area you are in, you will almost always have the option to comfortably go back. This way you can always retrieve items that you left behind or look for some treasure that you haven’t found. Also around the map there are also several points where you will need the help of a companion to continue and consequently you will often have to return to it later.

In addition to recovering the things you have left behind, however, there is another reason to return to places you have already visited: side missions. In fact, now the merchant will leave around some requests written on eye-catching blue sheets which, once completed, will allow you to obtain special jewels that can be exchanged for unique items. These side missions range from collecting specific items to clearing them brand new mini-bosses and often to complete them you will have to retrace your steps. Thanks to the presence of all these requests backtracking will never be boring and whenever you have to return to a place for whatever reason you will always have the opportunity to get useful extra rewards.

Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A modern classic

A New Point of View – Resident Evil 4 Remake Review

From the point of view artistic this remake has managed to achieve truly incredible results, elevating the fine art direction of the 2005 game even further. The places, the creatures and even the characters of Resident Evil 4 indeed have been reimagine yourself while maintaining the original and iconic designs at the base. In addition, even greater care has been taken in all settingsenriching them with both details and screen elements that contribute to greatly increase the player’s immersion.

For what concern technical sector, also in this case Capcom has done a really excellent job. Of course, compared to the original game, there are countless improvements in both graphics and performance, but overall this remake does not stray too far from the excellent results obtained with Village. In particular what shines the most are the quality of the models and the care of the animations, but also the sound sector has been managed in a masterly way. In addition we would also like to underline the good game optimization on PC, given that it is able to maintain good performance without sacrificing too much visual performance even on less performing machines. The only aspects of the technical sector that have not fully convinced us are effects and reflectionsbut overall they don’t affect too much the beauty of the title.

Resident Evil 4 Remake review: A modern classic


Now the point of our review has finally arrived in which we sum up Resident Evil 4 Remake. This remake has managed to revive one of the most important survival horror ever in a more modern look, without however going to distort its soul in the slightest. The new gameplay mechanics have managed to give a much fresher, fun and modern feeling to the title, while the better characterization of the supporting actors has transformed the specks into much more interesting characters. Also also the level design has been significantly improved to adapt to the new map structure and the new possibilities offered. In short, despite some small flaws such as the lack of Ada’s campaign and a not too brilliant AI companionswe can safely say that this remake has succeeded in the arduous task of surpassing the original title.

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