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Twitter disables free APIs, at-risk apps and related services

Twitter has deactivated the Free APIs, replacing them with a “basic paid” version for developers of apps and services related to the platform. This could lead to problems logging into games and miscellaneous accounts, applications that aggregate posting across multiple social networks, and even apps like Flipboard that post news and social feeds.

Twitter deactivates free APIs, now they are paid

Since January 2023, the platform led by Elon Musk has announced the end of free APIs and the transition to paid solutions to “thwart bad bots“. However, the developers fear there is a possibility that the prices will become exorbitant and seem reluctant to adopt the new solutions. Among the affected services are WordPress, Jetpack Social, Echobox, Flipboard e Social Bearing.

Many websites and apps that used Twitter APIs for allow users to post and read tweets they stopped working. WordPress fixed the problem after a few hours, but other services are still waiting for a solution.

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The new Twitter API offers only 1,500 post requests per month for free, while to get 50,000 post requests and 10,000 read requests per month, you need pay $100 a month. The problem is that paid APIs are not yet accessible to developers, who are at a standstill.

Among the companies that have already seen active problems is Substack, which allows you to manage newsletter services. But that since yesterday can no longer allow people include tweets in your email.

If everyone were to agree to use the paid APIs, this could become an advantage for Musk’s company. But if other social networks were to follow this example, in all likelihood the developers they would end up passing the cost on to the users. Something that could reduce the sharing of tweets, with the risk of an eventual drop in traffic on the platform.

To understand if Musk’s bet will be successful, we will have to wait: what do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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