Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

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No more fear, let’s go on an adventure: the remake of Resident Evil 4 is insidious, but with our advice you will have all the tricks to make it

Even before our review, we already know that the remake Of Resident Evil 4 it’s a little gem: if you really know us, you’ll know that it’s an excellent opportunity to dispense tips and tricks. It comes natural to think of our first experience with one of the Capcom reissues: the first death earned us the “Welcome to Resident Evil” achievement. In short, it’s a series where newcomers should know where to put their hands… before finding themselves with zombies, deranged villagers, the latest buggy creation by Albert Wesker and so on and so forth. Seeing “YOU’RE DEAD” is just as irritating in Dark Souls as it is here.

The additions in the new game they are not few, and should be enough to keep fans of the original on their toes (surely infected). At the same time, there is no shortage of returning elements! Whether you’re new to the game as the game intends to make you feel or veterans who have faced the Umbrella Corporation more than the pouring rain, we have gathered all our wisdom from zombie dentures condensing it into thirteen pills. If you haven’t bought the game yet, so much the better of it: you’ll be able to puncture your first rotting enemies with full knowledge of the facts!

Exactly, punctured – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

Resident Evil 4, as well as its remake, is set in a quiet and peaceful area (we swear, our cousin who works for Capcom told us so) of the Iberian Peninsula: the first of the pieces of advice we can dispense is that the locals will resort to all the tricks they are capable of to scalp you. Melee attacks, grabs and… long-range weapons await you. Hooray! Yes, enemies are also equipped for the noble art of digging into human flesh from a distance. Throwing axes? There are. Molotovs? Here I am. Dynamite? Present. You have the option of parrying the axes, but in general it’s worth it anticipate the enemy.

Remember, it also takes a bit of speed to do it: if Leon Kennedy is a skin on Fortnite, there will be a reason as well. You won’t always have the time to do this, but if you need to, attack from a distance who you can and when you can. If you’re holding Molotov cocktails and dynamite, also be prepared for, well, an explosion. The ensuing range risks damaging you as well, so if you can try to make sure it’s only the enemies that get roasted. Oh and of course you make a good one ammunition rationingso that you have freedom of choice: you don’t want to end up with a stick of dynamite in a closet, do you?

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

Be a good Samaritan (to buy useful tools!) – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

We talked about novelties and we’re not here to comb dolls (voodoo, we think). There are some “homework” that you can do for the locals, namely the Requests. You find them in the form of blue sheets taped to the walls. Collecting them will start side quests, which usually result in killing a few rats in an area, hitting medallions or other missions that will take you very little time. Rolling up your hands will give you some Spinelli, which (we say it on the advice of our lawyers) are pink jewels. Giving them to the merchant will net you several special tools.

The first of the two, as well as the most useful also in terms of quality/price ratio (five joints), are the maps. They’ll reveal everything: chest locations, blue medallions, uncollected items, and much, much more. You should buy them as soon as you get the chance. Also because the alternative, tickets to upgrade weaponsthey cost much more. With these tickets you will have access to all improvements for your arsenal sooner than expected. You’ll need to unlock all the other upgrades for a specific weapon first, but it’s worth it: your perseverance will result in firepower multiplied by 1.5.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

“Fà balà l’öcc” – Resident Evil 4: tricks and tips to survive in the remake!

Northern expression which can be literally translated as “make the eye dance”, that is: sharpen your eyesightespecially if you are looking for treasure. They could be under your nose without you realizing it. Or rather, above. Sometimes the pointer isn’t everything: you’re following it, yet that treasure on the map still can’t be seen. How is it possible that the arrow pointing to YOU ​​on the map is matching the treasure if it is nowhere to be seen? From here, our momentum of Milanese dialect. Sharpen your view and you should be able to insert the missing piece in the mosaic. Yep, you should.

If you still don’t see it when you look up, then appeal to your hearing as well. Concentrate and you should hear sounds. Whether it’s the metal’s gloomy swing or more, it’s the sign you’ve been waiting for. You should see something above you. And if it doesn’t look like a treasure, looking more like an old lamp… then you are about to learn the magical powers of bullets. A few well-placed hits should bring out the goods you’ve been desperately trying to get out of the closet. Of course, without forgetting not to overdo the trigger: it’s still Resident Evil. Ammunition doesn’t grow on trees.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

Parry almost – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

Compared to the original, this new version of the great classic is mostly devoid of quick-time events. Emphasis on mostly. From time to time, during the various scuffles you will happen to run into the “press the button to not die” on duty. With the dagger, whether it’s Leon’s trusted one or any other knife, you can parry any melee attack. You can also hold L1/LB (depending on the platform) to block the attack. Do it with the right timing, however, and all of a sudden the enemy will find himself dazed thanks to your quick reflexes. It’s time to get even with a roundhouse kick!

If you get behind the enemy quickly enough, then, you can close the score in the moment, which is even better. You’ll want to practice with the early game enemies if you don’t want to find yourself having to learn when the stakes are higher. And the same goes for dodging, another option available to you when Leon is under certain attacks. In that case, always depending on the platform you have in your hands, you will have to press ○/B. The game tells you exactly when you’ll have either option, so your learning of the various rudiments should be quick. Hopefully.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

“Soldiers, learn to shoot” – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

In the remake, the shooting range it’s a bit different from what we saw in the original game. You might occasionally see it an elevator behind the Merchant. Take it to get to your personal gym of perilous bullets. The minigames created by the merchant himself are just waiting for you. Aim for the highest score by shooting all the pirate silhouettes while avoiding the sailors (which will cost you 500 points). And if the pirates are adorned with a silver skull, aim for that for a bonus of another 300 points. The coveted score S it is only obtainable in this way. Gold and silver tokens will be your prize.

What are the tokens? The answer will be given to you by the machine that is right on the elevator. With it you can spend your winnings to get some Decorations for Leon’s Briefcase. You can hang up to Three, and whatever you think the purpose is not just aesthetic. In fact, each ornament will provide you with a special bonus, such as the one for crafting ammunition, the discount on knife repair and much more. Gold tokens, as well as being a must in Italian television quizzes, are also used to obtain the rarest pendants. And with rarity, of course, comes far greater utility…

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

Be smart, indeed, be stealthy – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

Given the emphasis on action with which the original already distanced itself from 3: Nemesis, it’s easy to forget that the series was once dominated by heart-pounding atmosphere. Not so much for the frenetic action as for the unnerving calm. Rejoice: The remake introduced the ability to make some stealth elimination the old fashioned way. Have you ever tried the Hitman saga? If yes, then you should know the thrill of backstabbing an enemy in the Brutus way. Here, what you can expect from the return of Leon Kennedy and company to the small screen. Well, with the “small” HD it is debatable, but we understand each other.

Well, you can go crazy (without making a mess, of course) here too. Sneak up behind enemies and, knife in hand, take them out quickly. We don’t want to fill you with false hopes: the game oftentimes avoids making this an option, with hordes of opponents standing between you and one hundred percent. However, if you notice the enemies and not vice versa, press ○/B per crouch down. Crossbow-wielding enemies can be torpedoed like this, which is great for less quarrels. Easy, fast, silent and lethal. Maybe remove the last two words, since using “casino” we have already allowed ourselves one too many style falls…

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

Gorgeous Stun – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

Or you can make a racket with the granate stordenti! This is also an option. With these weapons you can dazzle regular enemies in groups, thus leaving them at the mercy of a sneak attack or a kick to the (rotten) snout. If then an enemy has been transformed, you can also remove “stuns” from the name and use them as real grenades. Sometimes after killing an enemy, or even before, the victim’s head (stop eating while reading the sentence) will open revealing a tentacolo disgusting with attached eyeball. And the nausea that you will feel when you see them, unfortunately, is the least of the problems.

It is indeed about much stronger variants of enemies, who know how to take the blows and then dispense worse ones. Nothing that a stun grenade or four shots are not able to remedy, mind you. Of course, like good bad luck birds we have to remind you again that weapons and ammunition are quite rare. You can craft something, of course, but in principle our advice is to anticipate the New Year only in the vicinity of groups equipped with these enemies. But if you have reached this point by now, you should know by heart that you have to economize, so…

Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips and tricks to survive

It’s twenty past four, turn it on! – Resident Evil 4: tips and tricks to survive in the remake!

There are herbs for all tastes, or rather, there are all colors. Literally. Those verdi they make you full of health, those red they empower other herbs and those yellow increase your maximum health….