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DAZN outages: the Network Operations Center is born

Since Serie A came streaming on DAZNhordes of angry fans invaded social media complaining about the numerous disruptions while watching matches of their favorite team. A widespread problem, even too much, which has caused many problems for English society. Today, however, comes a countermeasure that bodes well: the Network Operation Center (NOC).

It is a hub inaugurated in Cologno Monzese which will host technicians and experts. The purpose? Detect any signal transmission problems and optimize the routing of data traffic towards the end user.

DAZN: this is how the NOC will avoid disruptions

In addition to monitoring the quality of the service offered live, the NOC aims to optimize the power of DAZN’s multicast. This means that the signal power emitted by the service will be higher, ensuring not only video quality but also broadcast stability.

Inside the structure there will be a team of engineers active 7 days a week. These, through avant-garde workstations, will be able to analyze the data flow and intercept the emergence of any problems. In this way, the technicians will always be one step ahead, solving the problem before it arises. The Cologno Monzese NOC will be coordinated with Dazn’s Network Operation Center Global, located at its headquarters in Leeds, England.

that’s how Stefano Azzi, CEO of Dazn Italycommented on the inauguration of the Cologno Monzese NOC:

“Italy is a fundamental market for Dazn, we have arrived to stay and we want to do so by continuing to invest in content, technologies and infrastructures that allow us to provide our audience with an ever better service. The activation of the Network Operation Center is an important step in our growth plan which can bring concrete and further benefits. We are moving from a structure that has operated up to now only with centralized management at a global level to a local presence. If last year our investments were concentrated more “upstream”, now, with the creation of this new operating unit, we are taking a further essential step forward to strengthen the role of Dazn Italia as a technological hub of the entire Group”.

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