Resident Evil 4 VR: the release set for October 21st

Resident Evil 4 VR uscirà il mese prossimo thumbnail

After sixteen years we return to talk about Resident Evil 4, above all because it seems that an official remake could soon arrive, even if the production studio has not yet released any news about it. On the other hand, if we consider that the fourth chapter of the saga was the most followed, it is no wonder that players are waiting for a remake or a remaster. In the meantime, however, we can be content with Resident Evil 4 VR. From what we know, in fact, the game for Oculus Quest 2 the next will arrive on the market 21 October.

Resident Evil 4 VR: the title out on October 21st

Last April, for the first time, it was announced the arrival of Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus Quest 2. And now a report from IGN confirms that the title will officially arrive on October 21st, resuming a short trailer that brings back to the virtual dimension some characteristic elements of the saga. As you can imagine, it will be a first person game, which means that you can access the weapons directly from your “virtual body”. And that’s just one of the elements of the original game that have been tweaked to fit the headset.

The news is undoubtedly incredible, but we are not sure it will make fans happy waiting for a remake. Among other things, it should be noted that for now Resident Evil 4 VR will only be available for Oculus Quest 2, which makes it a bit limiting. In any case, fans have made so many requests for a remake of the title that it seems Capcom is already working on it. But we have no official news, which still leaves us in the waiting phase. In the meantime, however, we can be content to live a virtual experience with one of the most famous sagas in the videogame sector. At this point we just have to try it.