Resident Evil: Capcom is evaluating other remakes

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In a meeting with shareholders, Capcom talked about the possibility of seeing more Resident Evil remakes in the future. Here are the details

Capcom made a series of remake di Resident Evilthe reception of which has been universally positive, to say the least (aside from the remake of Resident Evil 3 which caused discussion). Given that so far the company has only offered remakes of four numbered titles, is there a possibility that sooner or later remakes will also be made for some unnumbered Resident Evil episodes, especially those considered part of the main canon? As is often the case with Capcom (especially with regards to Resident Evil), the possibility cannot be ruled out. In a recent Q&A session with shareholderswhen asked this very question, Capcom avoided providing a concrete answer, but said it was committed to “carry on the discussionsabout future games. Let’s see all the details about it in the next few lines of this article.

Resident Evil: Capcom is evaluating other remakes

“We are discussing future expansion of this series so that it can be enjoyed by a wider audience,” he said Capcomwhen asked if she planned to develop only remake of the main games of Resident Evil. Naturally, the request for a makeover of Resident Evil: Code – Veronica has been recurring for quite some time, especially given that, other than the name, the game is ostensibly Resident Evil 3 (whereas the real Resident Evil 3 is more of a side story in the grand scheme of things). That said, in recent years Capcom has stated several times, including last year, that they have no plans for a remake of Code – Veronica. There is also Resident Evil Zero, which isn’t exactly the most popular game in the franchise, but it’s certainly a major title. Of course, since the makeover in Resident Evil 4 launched earlier this year, Resident Evil 5 could be next on the line, though perhaps another remake of the original Resident Evil wouldn’t be bad for fans of the series.

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