Resident Evil Portal si aggiorna ufficialmente: l

Resident Evil Portal: The site is updated but fans were expecting more

Over the past few hours we have been eagerly awaiting the alleged announcement regarding the Resident Evil series promised by Capcom: unfortunately, however, the news turned out to be much less exciting than expected, given that the software house was ultimately limited to updating the site Resident Evil Portal. Bizarre choice, if we consider that this ad was advertised as something more impactful.

Resident Evil Portal officially updates

To receive a update it was, precisely, the project Resident Evil History, which saw the addition of Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. We also already know when the next page update, currently set at February 22 and that it will likely add Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

It therefore seems that for the moment Capcom has no important announcement to make regarding the Resident Evil series, which has not failed to make fans raise an eyebrow, given that the software house should have numerous projects on the franchise in the pipeline. Just think of the DLC di Resident Evil Villageannounced last summer and about which we still don’t know anything.

At this point it would be reasonable to think that the software house is planning a big event in the coming months where it will present all the news, given that the various news on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak they have been postponed to spring. Not to mention that the option is still at stake remake di Resident Evil 4which could be announced at any moment.

Meanwhile, Capcom has activated a one-week contdown on the official website, although according to many industry experts, this should refer to Street Fighter and not the Resident Evil franchise.

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