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The “Likes” arrive at the Instagram Stories

The Instagram App still improves the user experience on the platform. In fact, starting today, users have the opportunity to like Instagram Stories, without sending a message. Until now it has been possible to react to the stories of others with an emoji or a private message, and in both cases the reactions were visible in the private messages. But now the platform has revolutionized this mode. It will therefore be possible to put “Like” without clogging the mailbox of others.

Instagram Stories: “Likes” become a useful function for users

“Now, as you browse through the Stories, between sending the message and that little paper airplane, there will be a heart-shaped icon. And if you touch it, it will send a like to the author of that story, and that like will appear in the viewer sheet, not in your DM thread with him ”. So reported Adam Mosseri about the news coming to Instagram Stories. Unlike the functionality valid for other types of content, this one will not count Likes. An approach in line with what the platform already implemented some time ago, when Instagram studied the real impact of the “Like” count on users.

“The idea here is to make sure people can express more support for each other, but also to clean up the DMs a bit,” continues Mosseri himself. “Messaging is a key priority for us, and an important part is focusing on direct messages between you and the people you care about.” By doing so, the Likes to Instagram Stories streamline the platform’s messaging service, but also provide users with an extra function to interact with each other. On the other hand, in the last period Meta has added quite a few similar options, such as the possibility of removing an image from the carousel. All functions that do not change the App too much, but that improve the user experience.


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