Resident Evil Village: Capcom sales data

After so many Monday specials, we dedicate a special mention to Resident Evil Village sales figures: Capcom has just revealed them

There were several who flung themselves into the village of Resident Evil Village, according to sales data issued by Capcom. Many tourists stopped to admire the local beauties, including Lady Dimitrescu. Despite the relative niche, in fact, this time the survival horror genre has been able to assert itself not a little at the speakers: the numbers are all there, although they can be interpreted in two diametrically opposite ways. The seven digits are all there, but the context of the number is already a matter of discussion on Twitter.

What are the sales figures for Resident Evil Village, Capcom?

Capcom’s sales figures speak for themselves: in four million and five hundred thousand they have flung themselves between the gothic walls of the game. Page “Platinum Titles”By the Japanese publisher considers it the sixth best-selling title, testifying to the successful move to focus marketing on Lady Dimitrescu. The vampire castle matriarch has been enthralling the fandom since her first appearance, and making her something of a mascot for the title has sparked a chain reaction.

The retweet above got the most disparate responses, though. While many note the high number of copies sold for the game, just as many speak of a flop due to the ever-increasing success of multiplayer titles. There is no middle ground, at the expense of an impressive number. For the next results, the appointment is for next Monday with the results from the UK.

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