Resident Evil Village: come battere Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village is now out, and the appreciation from the public and critics has consecrated the new direction taken by Capcom for the series: below, we will see how to beat one of the main enemies of the game, or Lady Dimitrescu.

The character of Lady Dimitrescu, since its first presentation during the Resident Evil Village promotional campaign, has been able to attract the attention of fans. Suffice it to see just the large amount of memes and ironic videos that we still see running on the web today: with just a few images, the countess has established herself as one of the great antagonists of the series, perhaps like the famous Mr. X and Nemesis. Through this guide, we will then see how to beat Lady Dimitrescu in the course of your adventure in Resident Evil Village.

Lady Dimitrescu in human form

As you might expect, the countess owner of the Dimitrescu castle is a fearsome enemy, and at the end of the first part of the game you will finally have the opportunity to face it. However, this will only happen after he changes his appearance: until you see Lady Dimitrescu in human form (or perhaps, more correctly, in anthropomorphic form), your interactions with the character will actually be limited.

In fact, in the first part of Resident Evil Village, what it will do is follow you around the castle (and, in fact, you will not be able to beat it): if you let yourself be caught, you will suffer damage until you die. What remains for you to do then in this initial part is to run away (do not waste time wasting ammunition, because in this phase it is invulnerabile). Lady Dimitrescu is not even very fast in moving: apart from the initial fright then, you just need to go around her to run away. If you are particularly scared, you can also take refuge in the save point, where it will stop following you.

Resident Evil Village: come battere Lady Dimitrescu

The countess in final form – Resident Evil Village: how to beat Lady Dimitrescu

At the end of the first phase of the game, after having escaped countless times from Lady Dimitrescu, she will reveal her true form (much more monstrous), and at this point you will finally have the chance to fight it. His body will no longer be something like a human, but a pale, four-legged monstrosity that will slowly approach towards you. In this round, you will not be allowed to go around it and escape, and you will have to face it. It won’t even be invulnerable anymore: your task will be to shoot his various parts of the body, so as to progressively damage it.

Resident Evil Village: come battere Lady Dimitrescu

Particularities of the boss fight – Resident Evil Village: how to beat Lady Dimitrescu

In practice, during most of the boss fight in which you will try to beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, you will simply have to back down. The recommended weapon to use in this case is the rifle, as it causes far more damage than the gun. There are also particular phases to report in this fight. For example, at some point the monster will try to fly away: in this case you can simply shoot him from a distance, perhaps using more precise weapons than the rifle, until he gets tired of flying and returns to the ground. It may also happen that you run into some flock of bats that will damage you: in this case, just keep running around to avoid them, trying to keep damaging the boss.

Resident Evil Village: come battere Lady Dimitrescu

After all

In retrospect, the boss fight against Lady Dimitrescu may seem like a lot more simple than you initially think. Put aside fear and fright (which certainly, at least at the beginning, make a difference), after learning the pattern somewhat straightforward of the boss, you should be able to end this fight with relative ease.

At this point, it will be clear to you that in general Lady Dimitrescu is not the main antagonist adventure, as perhaps you could mistakenly think from the trailers released in recent months (and from the hype of the public that perhaps has magnified the expectations towards this particular character): this means that, after beating her, your game with the Resident Evil Village will be far from over, and therefore you will have to continue to unearth the secrets of the village.

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