Port Royale 4: announced the release date on Nintendo Switch

Kalypso Media announced the release date of the porting to Nintendo Switch of Port Royale 4

Kalypso Media, which is the official distributor of the title, has confirmed the upcoming release of Port Royale 4 its Nintendo Switch, which then joins the already rich gallery of titles available for the device. The real-time strategy video game was released for the first time last September and, until now, it has been possible to play it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Port Royale 4 on Nintendo Switch: release date and price

The exit date Port Royale 4 on Nintendo Switch is set for the next one May 28; the game will therefore be accessible from the console in just over a couple of weeks. The price set for the release is equal to 49.99 dollars, which on the European market will probably be converted into the same amount in euros. This is a figure in line with what is proposed for the title on the other devices. A trailer specific to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, from which we could understand what the graphic rendering will be.

Port Royale 4: announced the release date on Nintendo Switch

As far as we know, for the release on Switch of Port Royale 4 a real adaptation has been made, which incorporates in the game the specific characteristics of the Nintendo console: for example, it will be possible to perform some of the activities directly through the touchscreen, which could prove particularly practical for the management of the notoriously complex navigation simulation.

If after reading this article you feel like learning more about Port Royale 4, we suggest you read our review of the title. To stay updated on his arrival on Nintendo Switch and on all the other news in the world of video games, keep following us on TechGameWorld.com. To buy this title and many others, you can visit the Instant Gaming catalog.

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