Resident Evil Village: here is the position of the statues in the ablution room

How to find the correct position of the statues in the ablution room of the new Resident Evil Village? We explain it to you in this mini-guide!

Only a day has passed since the arrival of the store of the new and highly anticipated Capcom survival horror after the presentation of the launch trailer. Trouble has already made its way into the homes of many players, both for the less experienced and for the more experienced. Many of them, in fact, got stuck in puzzles and riddles ingenious and with an unexpected solution. However, you can, at least in part, be more relaxed! Today, one of these will be revealed just for you. In this small guide, we will take you step by step into the world of Resident Evil Village, in particular in the ablution room, indicating the correct one position of the statues.

Let’s find out the right position of the statues in the Resident Evil Village ablution room

One of the first puzzles that you have to tackle in Resident Evil Village, is to find the correct position of the statues placed inside the ablution room. The statues that we will have to straighten are in total four and, the only one clue that we have available, is located at the top of the room. It consists of a sentence that reads:

Women are blind to male advances, but the poor will take their changes to give their lord their sown bounty so that soon the wine can flow.

The italicized clue provides a suggestion on where to place them. Let’s see it together step by step:

  • To move the statues, stand behind them and use the left stick and the X button to rotate them.
  • Start by placing the three poor men facing south of the room, so that they are looking at the man on horseback.
  • As for the man on horseback, turn his gaze to the East, so that he is looking at the woman with the bottle of wine.
  • For the lady with the wine bottle, the correct position is with her face facing north of the room, to make her look directly at the statue of Lady Dimitrescu.
  • Lady Dimitrescu, last, should be facing South, making her look at the woman with the bottle of wine.

Resident Evil Village: here is the position of the statues in the ablution room

Follow the indicated procedure above literally and the door at the bottom of the floor will begin to open. Once you have passed this obstacle, you are ready to continue the journey for to save Ethan’s daughter! The position of the statues inside the ablution room, however, is only one of the points of Resident Evil Village where many players, especially newbies of this kind, they get stuck. To ensure that no one is left behind, we have also created two other small ones guide in which we explain many tips and tricks to survive and to collect a nice stack of coins.

Resident Evil Village, released May 7, 2021, is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One,  Xbox Series X e Series S. In case you are looking for savings, you can find it together with many other games on Instant Gaming! Stay with us on for new guides and stay up to date on all the news in the gaming world!