Knockout City: Velan Studios reveals background on sound design

Velan Studios recently unveiled several very interesting insights into the sound design of Knockout City, its new dodgeball title.

Velan Studios is bringing the familiar “Thwack” sound to Knockout City, his next team dodgebrawl title launching on May 21st. To offer players a deeper look into the fascinating universe of Knockout City, in which audio is as important as graphics, Velan shows through a video the process that led to the development of distinctive video game sounds, able to create a very engaging environment.

Velan Studios parla dell’importanza del sound design in Knockout City

In the blog, the team reveals the collaboration with the musical duo Sonny and Matt of The Soundlings to create the original soundtrack of Knockout City, consisting of 19 different tracks. Players can listen to “KO City Pirate RadioWhile they play. The Soundlings have created several bands, the characters that are part of them, and the songs for the Knockout City radio station. Plus these artists have studied over 30 genres to create custom songs for this epic video game.

L’Audio Director Matt pirog it also explains in detail how Velan’s team experimented with various styles of audio to bring the Retro futuristic sounds of Knockout City, which alert players to everything that is happening around them and in the environment around them. Pirog also explains how the team contributed to fine-tune voiceovers, which give a different tone and touch of personality to each character.

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