Resident Evil Village: here’s how to make (you) money fast

The new chapter of Resident Evil allows you to buy and sell items at the shopkeeper. Let’s see together in this guide how to make (her) money fast in Resident Evil Village

The new Resident Evil stands as the direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. This new chapter in fact carries on the story of Ethan Winters and sets the events in a new and scary setting, that is an Eastern European village. Ethan’s journey in search of his daughter Rosemary is hampered by numerous and creepy characters. Among which the figure, much discussed on the net, of Lady Dimitrescu definitely stands out. Throughout the story, Ethan will travel through different locations, from the aforementioned village, infested with murderous werewolves, to the Castle Dimitrescu, of medieval origin and with internal decorations baroque. To be more effective in combat, you need to upgrade your weapons using lei, the in-game currency. So here’s how how to make money (She) in Resident Evil Village quickly.

In-game currency and progression

Also in this Resident Evil Village, as in the other chapters, there is an extensive progression system. Central here is the role of the Duca. The Duke is the vendor that the player can find in specific places on the map and with whom he can buy O to sell objects and weapons. Weapons range from classic shotgun guns to sniper rifles. From the seller you can get, in addition to the upgrades of firearms, also various recipes which affect stats by activating passive skills. In the game we can to explore at our pleasure the places to find objects both necessary for the continuation of the plot, and resalable by the Duke. Let’s go through this guide to see how to make (you) money fast in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village: Here's How To Make Money (Her) Fast

Upgrades – Resident Evil Village: how to make money (you) fast

the lei in this game are enough difficult to find. If you want to upgrade your paraphernalia you can do it from the Duke. However, you will find her very slowly. For this you will need gods methods to get them quickly. Like many other items in the game, she is also an asset limited. You will never have enough to immediately buy everything you want or need from the shopkeeper. This does not mean, however, that you will not be able to purchase anything. In the game there are ways to get a great deal of her by doing particular attention, you just need to know where to look. Let’s see how.

Resident Evil Village: Here's How To Make Money (Her) Fast

Fantastic Her and Where to Find Them – Resident Evil Village: How to Make (Her) Money Fast

These below are the ways that will allow you to get her quickly:

  • 1. Break crates, jars and vases.
  • 2. Kill enemies to get her and crystal skulls.
  • 3. Shoot the glitters to obtain crystal fragments.
  • 4. To sell treasures.
  • 5. Open the locks to obtain materials.
  • 6. Selling the weapons unused.

Lei can be found all over the Resident Evil Village. especially within objects that you can break as vases and ornaments. Therefore pay attention to theinteraction environment and try to break as many objects as possible in your exploration. The speakers, in particular, are easy to spot because of the yellow ribbon that covers them. However, you can also break other objects, such as the aforementioned vases inside the Dimitrescu castle. Do not despair if you do not find money inside, you will still be rewarded with other useful materials such as ammunition or material for crafting.

Resident Evil Village: Here's How To Make Money (Her) Fast

Strategies – Resident Evil Village: how to make money (you) fast

At first glance it may seem that avoiding the fighting and saving ammo is the best thing to do in a survival game like this. However, kill enemies is a nice way to get some extra money. Enemies will drop resources or ammo on the ground if you kill them. But in some cases they will also drop money (her) and crystal skulls. The latter can be sold to the Duke for the sum of 900 lei each. This is why killing werewolves and other creatures is one of the quickest ways to fill your virtual account.

The treasures can be found scattered throughout the village and will be brought back from Duca, it will reward you very well. Many of these you will find simply by exploring, while others are locked away inside drawers and containers. For these you will have to use the lock picks, which unfortunately are rare to find. In the game, in fact, they will be present in a limited number and available only in specific places. Since you will be able to sell all your items, beware of do not sell the picks. The treasures you can find will give you much more satisfying rewards.

Resident Evil Village: here's how to make (you) money fast

Other equally useful tips

To conclude, we have seen how to make (her) money faster in Resident Evil Village. One last thing we can do is get the crystal fragments. These are found by both exploring and shooting bright spots in particular hidden places. We can find one for example in the shield of the Maiden of War statue. Search these places and you will get extra treasures to sell for more her. Also, in the game you will be able to sell to the Duke weapons that you don’t use. It may seem counterintuitive, but throughout the story you will come into possession of weapons that will require the same type of ammunition. For example, all guns will use the same bullets. Despite this, if you want your weapon back, you can buy it back from the Duke.

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