Resident Evil Village: how to solve the piano puzzle

There’s no mysterious malevolent manor without a piano puzzle: here’s how to solve Resident Evil Village’s most melodious puzzle

It won’t bite us like the one in Super Mario 64, but the piano of the family Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village represents a enigma quite tricky from to solve. Or rather, in reality we are simply asked to play a score, but doing it as a controller may not be as simple as Capcom would like us to believe. And if you can’t read a score, you may need help. It is no coincidence, however, that this is where we come into play. There is also a very useful reward up for grabs, so let’s not linger any longer and get ready for the applause of the audience!

Music teacher

To solve the Resident Evil Village riddle, you will have to press the correct keys on the piano following the score. When you select a key, a orange dot will appear on the sheet. The position of the point corresponds to the note you are going to play, so all you have to do is align the position of the point with the notes printed in black. Pianists (and not only) will already know this well, but the lowest notes are those on the left side. If you want to try your hand at self-taught, you can also stop reading here. Otherwise, go ahead: we will be even more precise.

Resident Evil Village: how to solve the piano puzzle

How to solve the piano puzzle in Resident Evil Village

If you prefer a quicker solution, we can tell you directly which keys to press on the piano. You may think that the melody should be played in time, but this is not the case. You will, however, need to play in the correct order. The order of the keys is as follows: 15, 12, 14, 14, 16, 15, 16, 17, 17. Once this is done, our Ethan Winters will play the tune, thus opening a secret compartment. In there, you will find the iron sign key, a tool that you will need to continue further in the game. With this key you can open the doors with theiron sign, marked with the icon visible in the image below.

Resident Evil Village: how to solve the piano puzzle

What are the keys for?

You might think that the iron sign keys are only used in the Dimitrescu castle, but in reality they can be exploited in the entire, eponymous village by Resident Evil Village. You will therefore have a way to open new passages even outside the residence of the vampire matriarchy. You can find others guide dedicated to the game on, but if you had barely reached the floor unscathed and still needed it, you might want a reminder on how to resist the various abominations that lurk in the game world.

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