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Respawn’s Star Wars: Electronic Arts announces its cancellation

The CEO of Electronic Arts: Andrew Wilson has announced the cancellation of the Star Wars title in development at Respawn as well as a large cut in staff, which will amount to 5% of the workforce

After the bad news from Sony, EA has also decided not to exempt itself from layoffs campaigns, firing approximately 670 people and proceeding to cancel the Star Wars title in development at Respawn. The developers of the adventures of Cal Kestis, according to recently emerged rumors, had tested the possibility of a new title in that universe.

Ridgeline Games, author of the various Battlefield campaigns, however, faced a sharp closure. Therefore, the state of EA’s famous shooter is worsening now troubled by the departure of director Marcus Lehto. The work will be moved to Criterion, now forced to bear the weight of such an important IP.Respawn's Star Wars: Electronic Arts announces its cancellation

Respawn’s Star Wars cancellation: what was supposed to be

According to Insider Gaming sources, the title in the works would have been as central figures are those of the Mandalorians. The player would have played a bounty hunter, forced to wander the galaxies during the golden age of the Empire. The game would have been one first person shooter with a strong focus on the protagonist’s movement skills and the use of a vast arsenal. Health, for example, would have been recharged in Doom style with series of consecutive kills while speed would have been decisive in escaping enemy blows.

The game would boast linear levels while the presence of a multiplayer mode was unknown. The cancellation of Respawn’s Star Wars was a bolt from the blue. However, all is not lost! The adventures of Cal Kestis will continue and this has been confirmed by the company’s top management.

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