Retrogaming: verso l’Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

About eighty years ago Europe and the whole world knew that nightmare called World War II and the same thing was in retrogaming with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

We are at the beginning of 2002 and, on the shelves of video game stores around the world, comes the first chapter of the famous saga for PC. From the first PlayStation, therefore, we pass on the fixed with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, a real treat for lovers of first person shooters set during the last world war (and retrogaming). An evolution that shows a clear improvement compared to previous titles, such as the first namesake in 1999 e Underground del 2000, and which confirms once again the presence of director Steven Spielberg among the writers of the signed title Electronic Arts.

In this third chapter in fact, the gaming experience has one decidedly more cinematic to involve the players themselves even more during their games. Epic music is then the background to a real hell of bullets, war events, old acquaintances, medals won on the field and twists.

A hell, that of war, which can be seen in other now iconic sagas, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, which have all drawn free inspiration from this third installment of MOH. Especially for its being epic and cinematic. So put the helmet on your head well and check the ammunition of your rifle, we are going to liberate Europe!

A beach that is colored with blood

Already from the first trailer of the game, the atmosphere is that seen in the cult film Save Private Ryan (1998) directed by Spielberg himself. The scenes show it indeed landing in Normandy of the Allied forces while the Wermacht storms them with artillery and machine gun rounds. It is therefore one frantic race to the first available shelter and then move again until you reach the enemy bunkers. So let’s see all this while, in the interludes, the camera turns on a uniform which begins to fill up with medals and awards obtained in the field.

The protagonist of these heroic deeds, even in retrogaming, is the Mike Powell of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) that will accompany us throughout all the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault campaigns. We will therefore start from the landing in Africa (Operation Torch) until reaching the heart of Europe to sabotage the Nazi war machine. All this, however, not before completing a short training where you will learn how to do the actions main and to use the various weapons, from guns to grenades, which will have to be used throughout the various campaigns.

Retrogaming: verso l'Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

A series of operations – Retrogaming: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

During the first mission, therefore, we will find ourselves together with a handful of soldiers ad Arzew in Algeria to free the Major Grillo and sabotage the artillery. Unfortunately you are discovered almost immediately and everyone is killed in an ambush but if you are good enough at keeping someone alive you will have a medal. Know, however, that Major Grillo, ed another “secret” prisoner, they will know how to help you more than admirably! After saving him you will leave with him aboard one jeep with machine gun to shoot anything that moves, including Stuka bombers.

In second mission you totally change scenery. From the desert and sandy climate of Algeria we pass to the cold and snow of the Norway (more precisely a Trondheim) where it will be necessary to destroy the prototype of asecret weapon and sabotage a U – Boot. In short, a little thing! Anyway, this is a mission to tackle in more “stealth” way once you have managed to penetrate the complex (unfortunately Major Grillo will perish in the enterprise).

In fact, it will be necessary steal a Nazi uniform and always get the right documents before showing them to the SS or officers as they are able to recognize you if you don’t have them. Either way, the gun with the silencer makes things easier! After eliminating the scientists responsible for the project, all with a gun under their coats, it will be the turn of the submarine. After having placed some explosive charges it will therefore be necessary to try to escape as quickly as possible.

Retrogaming: verso l'Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

In third mission it will almost feel like you are in the first few minutes of Saving Private Ryan as you are aboard a landing craft towards beaches of Normandy (direction Omaha). Having overcome the rain of bullets and attacked the large bunkers, it will then be necessary to enter the France occupied to sabotage the Nebelwerfer guns who are inflicting heavy casualties on Allied forces.

In fourth mission, after advancing a few kilometers, it is necessary to save a downed American pilot and meet with the French resistance to retrieve information about a King Tiger tank. Ah, and of course stealing it to engage in a HGV battle even before World of Tanks. In fifth mission, after getting off the tank, it’s time to transform into skilled snipers and help a team liberate a city (Brest) chock full of sharpshooters. Once released, and it will be far from easy, it will be necessary to provide “assistance” from an elevated point covering the sappers that put the explosive charges under a bridge.

In sixth and final mission, the direction to take is that of Away pain, storage location of chemical weapons, to destroy it. A real undertaking where, in some points, it will be necessary to have a gas mask, but fortunately it will be possible to use a new German weapon, the assault rifle 44, against enemy soldiers and make our way through the ranks.

Retrogaming: verso l'Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Game Modes and Warfare – Retrogaming: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Throughout the game, including moments aboard the tank, the visual will be that of first person with the front sight and main weapon clear in front of us. Next there will be a couple of other very useful indicators. Top left one compass it will show us the distance from our main target while, at the bottom, there will be the life bar. This will be recharged through the various medikit present along the levels, during the Normandy landings level you can get help from a doctor if you find him, so be careful to launch the assault without cover.

This perhaps makes the actions a little less “cinematic”, but it certainly increases realism by a notch and, to increase this component even more will be friendly fire. When you meet gods allied soldiers, these can, therefore, die if you shoot them. If you then see them limp as they follow you, then it means that the next blow they will receive will be the fatal one so be careful!

Retrogaming: verso l'Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Returning to the indicators, at the bottom right, you will find the ammunition at your disposal that change according to the weapon you are holding going to assume the shape of his charger. The same thing will happen with grenades. Finally, at the top right, you will find all the useful tools for the purpose of the mission such as, for example, binoculars and explosive charges, practically a must of the shooter modern.

Between weapons, although those of the Axis are not many, you will still find the most suitable tool for you to wipe out the Nazi war machine. Faithful companions will surely be the Garand M1, the Thompson submachine gun and the Springfield sniper rifle, but know that if necessary, even the good old Colt 1911 will be able to bail you out if used at a short distance.

Between other weapons you can then take up the heavy BAR, the devastating shotgun or hand grenades, or use the pistol with the silencer to infiltrate in a more stealth way. From an enemy point of view, I always recommend the MP40 as it reloads quickly and its ammo is never in short supply! Finally, it should not be forgotten that they exist two expansions, Spearhead e Breakthrough, where they will be added new scenarios and weapons such as Italy, the Ardennes, the PPSh – 41 and the Lee – Enfield rifle.

Retrogaming: verso l'Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Between quotes and references – Retrogaming: Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Certainly the film Saving Private Ryan is the one that “echoes” the most especially in the mission of the landing in Normandy between the fire of the machine guns and in the city of Brest while the bullets of the snipers hiss. And if you make a little effort of memory in the war cinematography of those years, early 2000s let’s remember, then the interior of the submarine in Norway could remember the film. U – 571 (2000) where a handful of American soldiers must try to take possession of the Enigma machine.

Others quotes instead they concern one of the characters and one of the war scenarios that recall the past clashes in the previous chapters. Margot of the French Resistance, thanks to her you will steal the King Tiger, she had already appeared in MOH Underground while Away pain, the last mission, had already appeared in first chapter of this mythical saga.

Retrogaming: verso l'Europa in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

In conclusion

A lot of years and bullets have passed under the bridge and nowadays this title also shows its years. Of course, it has aged, but it is no less for this engaging. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is an unmissable chapter for all lovers of war cinema, the series, shooters set during the Second World War and retrogaming. To be recovered then, together with the expansions, to enjoy again other chapters such as, for example, Frontline, Rising Sun, Pacific Assault, Airborne and many others!

So if you want to replay these too chapters at the lowest price possible, click here, while, if you want to always be updated on video games of yesterday and today, then, stay with us on! For the rest, tighten the helmet tightly, check the ammunition and good luck soldiers.