Mass Effect Legendary Edition: svelata la day one patch

It looks like Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have a massive patch on day one that will fix some performance and visual detail issues

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the remastered of the first 3 iconic Mass Effects. Presented on November 7, 2020 at “N7 Day”, a day that celebrates the franchise, the title aims not only to give new players the opportunity to discover the Mass Effect saga, but also to please longtime fans . Today came the news that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have an imposing exit at the exit day one patch.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will receive a substantial patch on day one

Mass Effect Legendary Edition came in fase gold roughly last month. As usually happens in video game production, however, this does not mean that the development is definitively concluded. In fact, just before releasing the games, development houses usually plan update which are released the same day as launch. This is to fix some minor problems, usually related to performance and the best visual rendering of the titles. Thus, BioWare has also been working on the polishing of the upcoming remastered. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will therefore receive a patch to the day one.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: svelata la day one patch

The latter, as discovered by Twisted Voxel, appears to be from big dimensions. The patch will indeed weigh 11.8 GB. As mentioned, the patch will improve the game from the visual side and the performance side. Unfortunately, the official patch notes don’t report many details beyond these. It seems that, through the day one patch, the stability general, lighting e l’ambient occlusion. We will see if EA will inform us of the precise content of the patch when it arrives, or not. Recall that the game will be released on the day May 14 per PS4, Xbox One e PC.

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