Return to Monkey Island, ecco il trailer gameplay

Return to Monkey Island, ecco il trailer gameplay thumbnail

During the Nintendo Direct of June 28, 2022comes the trailer gameplay from Return to Monkey Island. Along with a confirmation: the game will have a time exclusive for Nintendo Switch. So if you want to play this great classic that returns right away, you need to secure a copy for the Nintendo console.

Return to Monkey Island, here’s the gameplay trailer for Nintendo Direct

A highly anticipated game by fans, who wanted to follow the new adventures created by Ron Gilbert. A way to rediscover the charm of those legendary videogame challenges, in a modern key.

The game description smacks of a bit of nostalgia. “A daredevil pirate returns him! Return to Monkey Island marks the unexpected and exciting return of the creator of the series Ron Gilbert and represents the continuation of the legendary adventures The Secret of Monkey Island e Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. Inside, players can enjoy modern point-and-click gameplay as they explore islands and solve puzzles. Return to Monkey Island is a console timeline exclusive coming to Nintendo Switch this year. “

Return to Monkey Island

In the trailer we meet the protagonist of the new story, Guybrush Threepwood. But we can also see different sections of the game in preview. The graphics rich in colors and shapes full of style, the simple animation but capable of telling a story. In short: this taste left us the desire to play.

We will have to wait a little longer, the game will arrive by the end of 2022, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can learn more on the official website waiting for a more precise date, which we will communicate to you as soon as it is available. Here, however, you will find the entire direct of Nintendo Direct to see all the other upcoming titles as well.

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