Returnal is finally available: here is the launch trailer!

Housemarque Games has released, on the occasion of the arrival on the market of Returnal, a truly impactful launch trailer: let’s watch it together today that we can have it in our hands

One of the most anticipated titles of this first half of 2021, together with the newcomer on the market Nier Replicant and the upcoming Resident Evil Village, is definitely Returnal. The much-talked-about and highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive, the title of Housemarque Games is a more than promising third-person shooter with roguelike elements and an atmosphere halfway between the fascinating and the terribly disturbing. The game has already been available, for several days, in preload and the company has released the first 45 minutes of gameplay in an official way, in addition to the usual trophy list that always serves to attract collectors of Sony figurines.

Returnal has finally arrived on the market today, April 30th, and you can buy it both in physical format and on the PlayStation Store digitally. Selene’s journey then begins. A journey that aims primarily at survival, but also at wanting to remember, wanting to put together the pieces of a shattered memory. With the occasion of the launch, Housemarque Games has released a new, splendid trailer that you can find right below.

Returnal returns to show itself with the launch trailer: Time is like a tide…

The launch trailer shows some sections that have already been seen in the past in other videos, but also new sections against extraordinarily large monsters and others more related to the protagonist. There will be many deaths that Selene will face, as in any good roguelike, and many others will be her resurrections. New skills, weapons and gear await you. In short, the hype surrounding the game is really skyrocketing and the premises bode well. We’ll see!

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