Review Alan Wake Remastered: back to the nightmare

Some loves make huge turns and then come back. It is certainly the case of Alan Wake Remastered, the latest effort by Remedy Entertainment that gives a new polish to a great classic, and that today we want to tell you in our review

You hear a noise behind you and turn to examine your surroundings. Pointing your flashlight from tree to tree, you scan the ground as you prepare your finger on the trigger. You never fired a gun until last night, but priorities they tend to change when you are hunted by ungodly creatures of the night. When the creatures are the fruit of your pen, it becomes even more strange and dangerous. Remedy Entertainment knows this well and takes us back to the bleak world of Alan Wake with a remastered to be enjoyed, and that today we want to show you in our review.

The blurred boundary between nightmare and reality

A vivid imagination sometimes it can be dangerous. Alan Wake has suffered from writer’s block since he published his latest best-selling novel two years ago, but once he takes a “vacation” to disconnect from everyday life, he realizes that there are far worse things of being unable to put pen to paper. A story he wrote but has no memory of came to life in a quiet mountain village, giving life to a real nightmare. As a simple writer, for the first time Alan finds himself having to drag his family away from Bright Falls safe and sound. Or at least that’s the idea.

Recensione Alan Wake Remastered: back to the nightmare

Look who sees himself – Alan Wake Remastered review: back to the nightmare

Totally unchanged, the play sector of Alan Wake proves to have aged quite well. Despite the formula developed by Remedy, it soon tends to expire in the repetitive, the system on which the game is based it is extremely simple but functional: to eliminate the gloomy puppets moved by the entity that now dominates Bright Falls, we will first have to dissolve the darkness that surrounds them using the protagonist’s torch, and then close the battle by firing on the nightmares. Engaged in his adventure, the protagonist tells his thoughts about the bizarre events happening around him through prose as incisive as it is poetic which gives credibility to these supernatural events.

Alan Wake’s brash nature makes him obnoxious at times, but his unwavering focus on saving his family at all costs makes it easy to empathize. The result is a deep bond with the character that almost cradles the excellent storytelling of the game, prompting the player to want to shed light on the mystery that surrounds Cauldron Lake. Furthermore, the narrative aspect is further strengthened from collectibles scattered in the forest. Pages of the manuscript are found just off the beaten path, and it is in our interest to collect them to delve into the plot in detail. These passages often foreshadow events, giving a clue as to what threat lurks around the corner. Other times, however, the pages offer an insight into the life of the inhabitants of the city. Televisions and radios also give a glimpse into what is happening in the charming town of Bright Falls. Clearly modeled on “The Twilight Zone”, the disturbing scenes that you can witness contain all the twists that have made Alan Wake a classic of the genre. And what a classic …

Recensione Alan Wake Remastered: back to the nightmare

Brand new – Alan Wake Remastered review: back to the nightmare

If the game has remained practically unchanged itself, the graphics of the game have been almost entirely restored with modern means. If the 2010 version of the game was already graphically excellent, the “horror” scenery elements such as the dim lighting and the dark effects that distort the air are delightfully scary now as then. In this regard, absolutely noteworthy are the cleaned and improved lighting, and the volumetric fog that makes the dark woods of the Pacific Northwest (game setting) a little darker. The faces have also been completely reworked for the new generations. For the occasion, in fact, Alan Wake was made the same as seen in Control’s AWE DLC, dedicated to the writer. The faces of the other characters in the cast have also been completely restored. The same goes for all game assets, completely re-rendered.

The main result achieved by the developers, however, is another. Alan Wake Remastered shows up in 4K and 60fps statuary on next-gen, with the ability to go in 60fps and 4K even on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. That means a doubled framerate and you can hear the difference. The 60-frame game is beautiful and makes the cinematic elements of the game even more exciting. Even the sweeping glimpses of landscapes and forests sport a decidedly not bad look. The only sore note sono le cutscene in 30fps where, since the animations have remained those of a decade ago, the weight of the past years shines through (net of a clearly superior image cleaning).

Recensione Alan Wake Remastered: back to the nightmare

Un must per i fan del genere – Review Alan Wake Remastered: back to the nightmare

Speaking from a more personal and less objective point of view, I had the pleasure of enjoying this Remastered as I enjoyed the original. Indeed, as a fan of the genre grown and matured, I could not help but notice details and references that probably escaped me at the first experience. So when man with the ax approaches “like Nicholson in The Shining”, murderous clouds of crows have “done like Hitchcock” and so much more, I couldn’t help but get excited. These constant references also give rise to spontaneous even deeper questions. Is Alan a dying author or a keen talent hungry for inspiration? In the second case, does the meta-inspiration take from the actual horror almanac? The answers to you.

The merits of production certainly contribute to this with the management of collectibles. In addition to encouraging exploration (limited by the linear structure of the title) and rewarding users with narrative pieces, the pages hide many subtle goodies that the most avid readers will surely understand. Ideas that now, with the fusion of the Remedy universes, could lead to much more.

Recensione Alan Wake Remastered: back to the nightmare

Ritorno a Cauldron Lake

Whether you’ve never played Alan Wake before, or can’t wait to relive Alan’s descent into darkness, this is absolutely the way to do it. The DLC AWE from Control tells us we’re going back to Bright Falls soon and this year’s Deer Fest is a perfect excuse. Net of what is analyzed in this review of Alan Wake Remastered, we can only recommend the game. Everything is designed to enjoy the black beauty of Cauldron Lake at a very affordable price. The game has been rejuvenated very well, the collectibles work fully and the gameplay has aged all in all well. As already mentioned, fans of the genre should not miss Alan Wake from their collection. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Alan Wake Remastered is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox both next and current gen at the price of 29,99€. As always, we invite you to stay connected on for more reviews, guides and much more. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Bye!

A nightmare not to be missed!

Points in favor

  • Still superb storytelling
  • Many illustrious references
  • Integration into the Remedy universe
  • Excellent use of effects and volumetric lights
  • Graphic rejuvenation to be commended …

Points against

  • … except for the cutscenes
  • Absence of HDR and ray tracing
  • A few minor bugs