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Review Corsair K100 RGB: a gaming keyboard without brakes

In this article we are going to see the review of the Corsair K100 RGB. A gaming keyboard with a phenomenal lighting system, optomechanical keys and finally also a full QWERTY layout

Corsair has decided to bring its top-of-the-range keyboard also in an Italian layout version. Obviously, in this 2022 version of the already famous K100, the innovations are not limited to the new type of layout. In fact, we find some CORSAIR OPX switch with ultrafast 1mm actuation and 8,000Hz polling.

If the premises were not enough, obviously we cannot avoid mentioning the 44-zone backlight that spreads on the top and on the sides. To conclude the preliminary information it is also good to mention the strength of the same which boasts an aluminum frame.

Let’s find out how the brand new version of Corsair K100 RGB performed in our tests.

Packaging and design | Review Corsair K100 RGB

Inside the box of our gaming keyboard some very welcome surprises. Let’s start by mentioning a very comfortable palm rest.

If you are used to Corsair’s wrist rests in textured plastic you will have a nice surprise. Corsair has in fact included the keyboard in the box a very comfortable memory foam support with magnetic hooking.

Another gem, as well as a pleasant discovery, was to find a series of keys with different color and texture. Obviously there is not a set of all the buttons but simply the most used ones while using the PC for video games. Coordinated with the keys we also find a convenient key for removing the keys.

As for the design we are in front of the classic Corsair style.

The keyboard is quite cluttered due also to the number of optional function keys that have been inserted into the layout. Obviously the keyboard has been designed to guarantee the best gaming experience even in Moba and similar titles, ergo the additional keys that affect the size of the keyboard are necessary for the various Macros.

We find a small notification display in the central part which will indicate the active functions (numeric keypad lock, uppercase lock). In the upper left part we find the key for the profile switch, the block for the Windows key and the multifunction wheel.

Also at the top, but this time on the right side, we find a convenient wheel for adjusting the volume and a button dedicated to deactivating it completely. Another very important part is the presence of keys dedicated to multimedia functions. In fact, above the numeric keypad we find the classic Play / pause keys, the stop key and the two keys to switch between the playlist.

Before moving on, it is imperative to mention the quality of the volume adjustment wheel that moves so freely that it almost seems to floatAnd. Despite the total absence of friction, however, the accuracy is perfect.

Review Corsair K100 RGB: a gaming keyboard without brakes

How does it behave in play and in writing? | Corsair K100 RGB review

Obviously when you switch from one keyboard to another there is always a need to do a minimum of practice but after a few hours the general quality of this keyboard will make you forget anything used previously.

As for the writing, the mechanical feeling that we like so much in gaming is partially mitigated by the help of the optical part of the switches. The noise is considerably attenuated compared to the classic completely mechanical keys but as mentioned the feeling that we just can’t give up remains. In a nutshell, you can write quickly and accurately, without disturbing those sitting next to us (at least not too much).

Obviously, if you are used to a layout positioned in a slightly different way or if you write as usual with a pure mechanical keyboard some typing errors will initially be practically the custom, as previously said, however, writing with this system is assimilated very quickly. .

Obviously the palm rest, as mentioned in memory foam, allows us to remain comfortable even during long writing sessions. Key pressure is attenuated and the backlash from very fast keystrokes is absorbed fantastically.

As for gaming, as we have always repeated in our reviews, the choice is very personal but this time we are faced with an objective value.

The presence of optomechanical switches allows us to reach the speed of one millisecond. If you combine the astounding speed with an excellent antighosting system and a maximum polling rate of 8,000 Hz, the conclusions come from them.

The polling frequency is reachable thanks to the AXON technology, the same that we have learned to know, and to appreciate, in the Corsair SABER RGB PRO review.

Combine it all with a management software that, as you well know, we love and that we believe to be one of the few really well thought out and constantly updated and you will have a complete picture of the situation.

Let’s discover this mechanical gaming keyboard thanks to its technical data sheet

We have anticipated a lot of data on this keyboard but we believe that a quick recovery can make an even greater idea.

  • Chassis: anodised and brushed aluminum
  • Switch: CORSAIR OPX, mechanical optics
  • Backlight: each key is individually lit and can be managed via iCUE
  • Polling rate: 8.000 Hz
  • Actuation distance: 1 mm
  • Full distance pressure: 3,2 mm
  • Connectivity: 2 x USB 3.0 Type-A
  • Weight: 1.3 Kg
  • Other: multimedia keys, Windows function lock, magnetic memory foam palm rest

Review Corsair K100 RGB: a gaming keyboard without brakes

Who should buy this Corsair K100 RGB 2022?

Obviously the recommended price of 249.99 euros is not the most accessible but if you have read our review carefully you will agree that this Corsair K100 RGB is worth every dollar.

The combination of polling and proprietary optomechanical switches combined with the materials used make this keyboard a real solid and reliable company. Corsair’s K100 is a suitable companion for writing, gaming and leisure moments.

The multifunction wheel that can rewind a song, zoom, change application, adjust the lighting and much more is a not inconsiderable plus.

As always, we like to remember that when you buy a Corsair product you also have access to software, if a bit heavy, functional and performing. Obviously, also in this case its use is not mandatory also thanks to the internal memory of the keyboard but the customization and the unlocking of the maximum polling frequency is only accessible via iCUE.

In conclusion, this Corsair K100 RGB in this new guise confirms itself as an exceptional keyboard. Obviously we must take into account the price, which even if well justified, could be excessive for anyone.

If you are looking for a keyboard that can offer an extraordinary performance and you have no budget problems with the Corsair K100 RGB 2022 you will not go wrong with the purchase.

top to play and to work

Points in favor

  • Incredible speed
  • Lots of features
  • Aesthetics and materials at the top
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