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Smash World Tour: Back to offline with a 250k prize pool

A partial sign of normality seems to come from the world of video games, more precisely from that of Smash World Tour which will return in an offline edition with a fabulous prize pool, as before the pandemic.

You got it right, it Smash World Tour will return in live version as before the outbreak of the Covid pandemic – 19 with a prize money of $ 250,000 regarding the disciplines of Ultimate and Melee (the latter was one of the most popular games for Nintendo GameCube). But let’s understand a little better how this competition will take place!

Smash World Tour: the blows for the prize pool are back, but in presence

A bit like this year’s World Cup, the Smash World Tour championship will also be held towards the end of 2022more precisely from 8 to 11, with more than 35 events in attendance from March 17th to November 22nd to compete for the prize money. All these events are divided by the importance symbolized by the metal Silver, Gold e Platinum and will be played in different countries such as Cuba, Qatar, Korea, United States and so on.

The tournament will therefore be sponsored by Twitch and yes Metafy, but without Nintendo’s blessing apparently and the presence of other organizers like CEO 2022, Genesis 8 and The Big House who turned down the invitation. At the moment the reasons for this refusal have not yet been clarified, but the game is done.

Smash World Tour: Back to offline with a 250k prize pool

And speaking of games, we are sure that it will be an exciting tournament that will make fans’ eyes shine. Of course it’s been a long time since that first “experimental” chapter on Nintendo 64, signed by Kirby’s father that is Masahiro Sakuraidon’t you agree too?

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