Review I Delitti del Barlume 2021: the two new episodes of Sky Cinema

Review I Delitti del Barlume 2021: the two new episodes of Sky Cinema

Il Barlume turns eight and two new episodes arrive on Sky Cinema. Mare Forza Quattro and Tana Libera Tutti are available on Sky On Demand and NowTV. The band of old men from Pineta and the bartenders, led by Filippo Timi, returned to make us laugh, even on a difficult moment like the pandemic. Here, then, is the review of I Delitti del Barlume

ORIGINAL TITLE: The Crimes of the Glimmer 8. KIND: thriller, comedy. NATION: Italy. FILM DIRECTOR: Roan Johnson. CAST: Filippo Timi, Lucia Mascino, Stefano Fresi, Corrado Guzzanti. time: 90 min x 2 episodi. DISTRIBUTOR: Sky Cinema. EXIT: 11 and 18 January 2021.

I Delitti del Barlume was born as series of novels created by the author Marco Malvaldi and published by Sellerio, the series took shape about eight years ago thanks to the genius of Roan Johnson and the understanding of the now famous cast starting from Filippo Timi, captain of this adventure. The series has been enormously successful, especially in the first seasons, as a particular product and with an extra comic sprint compared to the classic thrillers usually offered on TV.

The plot | Review I Delitti del Barlume

In the first episode Sea Force Four the protagonists are facing the first problems given by the Covid pandemic, if the elderly are almost all afraid, some are still skeptical, but in Pineta the calm will be upset by a storm that will bring a corpse in front of the BarLume. Commissioner Fusco with Cioni and Govoni will have to solve the mystery not without the help of Massimo, Beppe and Tiziana.

Review I Delitti del Barlume 2021: the two new episodes of Sky Cinema

In the second episode Lair Free All instead we are witnessing the resolution of a crime in full emergency and lockdown. Pasquali “denounces” a mysterious disappearance and triggers research and doubts about what may have really happened to the missing woman. However, the corpse of a man dressed as a samurai with a lot of katana is found. The four old men despite the quarantine and with a ramshackle use of the internet will, as always, be fundamental for the resolution of the case.

Unmistakable | Review I Delitti del Barlume

Those who have followed I Delitti del Barlume since the first season cannot fail to be passionate and fond of the characters that populate Pineta. The direction is always excellent, with a much more cinematic than television cut. This allows the viewer to be able to enjoy each story as unique, almost as an anthology, or also follow the internal events that link seasons and episodes between them. As is normal for this to happen over the years the script has lost its luster a bit, that fresh and new irony of the first seasons has been waning creating like gods “Archetypes” around the characters.

Review I Delitti del Barlume 2021: the two new episodes of Sky Cinema

Undoubtedly it is to be appreciated that we are talking about topicality, the first Italian production to talk about the lockdown and do it with intelligence, underlining how everyone has taken and lived it differently according to their situation. Even the fact that they wanted to protect their protagonists since part of the category most at risk is certainly to be appreciated

The spark is missing | Review I Delitti del Barlume

However, what comes to light after many years of airing is that the spark of the Glimmer has been a bit lost, the characters are no longer evolving, if before even the dynamics between Massimo and Tiziana were passionate now it is as if a blanket of frustration had engulfed all the characters in the series and not let them go. Personal stories have given way to somewhat obvious gags and laden with jokes with a lot of resentment, in short, the relaxed atmosphere has been missing for a while in Pineta, especially since Massimo returned from South America.

Review I Delitti del Barlume 2021: the two new episodes of Sky Cinema

The second episode somehow manages to recover some of that polish that seemed lost, perhaps for the change in the dynamics of actionbeing mostly remotely shot you have a kind of better ability to alternate characters in the story. However, what continues to fail is above all the relationship between Tizi and Viviani. Almost all the dialogues are shouted, forced, markedly angry so as to make them really not very credible and also very annoying to follow and watch.


I Delitti del Barlume is a series to watch as a family, to spend a fun and carefree evening. Welcome and his friends of the “urethra quartet” are always fun, even in this technological capacity, the characters who are however increasingly gaining ground and having fun are undoubtedly Pasquali, played by a monster of skill like Corrado Guzzanti, and the two ramshackle policemen Cioni and Govoni, timid and clumsy always manage to find the right irony without being pedantic or out of place.

Review I Delitti del Barlume 2021: the two new episodes of Sky Cinema

Definitely a series to follow and recover starting from the first season if you have not yet done so, the episodes are available on Sky and NowTV as well as broadcast on Tv8. On Sky and NowTV you can also find the new miniseries The Undoing with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman.

Oioia children, the Glimmer is always standing

Points in favor

  • The four older protagonists more and more fun
  • Guzzanti
  • Cioni and Govoni more and more fun
  • The choice to shoot remotely due to the pandemic to protect the protagonists

Points against

  • a little discounted gags
  • the relationship between the protagonist and the female character
  • dialogues too shouted and forced