Review Only Murders in the Building 3: episodio 5

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Only Murders in the Building 3 continues with the screening of episode 5, available on Disney+, of which we offer you the review

ORIGINAL TITLE: Only Murders in the Building. TYPE: comedy, yellow. NATION: United States. REGIA: Don Scardino. CAST: Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, Meryl Streep. DURATION: 40 minutes per episode. DISTRIBUTOR: Disney+. EXIT: from 8 August 2023.

After the first four episodes, Only Murders in the Building 3 comes halfway through the season and focuses on the development of its protagonists and their private lives. In this episode we have a whirlwind of relationships that interest the protagonists and progress the plot more and more in a divergent direction for the trio.

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The fifth episode of the third season of Only Murders in the Building unfolds in three parallel plots, which each concern one of the protagonists and their love stories. In fact, Charles confronts Joy about her lipstick in Ben’s backstage room, but at the same time gives way to his promise to doubt him. The differences do not seem to be remediable, and could lead to a definitive closure of the relationship.

Meanwhile, the other two main characters see their romantic interests blossom, naturally without overshadowing the murder mystery. In fact, Mabel is tricked into going on a date with Tobert, under the guise of finding details about Ben’s replacement. But what they are looking for leads them to a much more tantalizing discovery: a mysterious doctor who treated Ben shortly before the events that led to his death. At the same time the interest between Oliver and Loretta (Meryl Streep) culminates in a romantic evening. But, at the very end, the director discovers a series of clues that seem to indicate a motive for Loretta.

Recensione Only Murders in the Building 3: episodio 5

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While posing as a transit episode in which our three beloved protagonists are kept apart by personal occurrences, this episode is not limited to being a filler. Beyond explore the dynamics between Oliver, Charles and Mabel and their corresponding love interests, the episode takes advantage of the opportunity to introduce many new ideas that lead us to question some theories and to travel unexplored paths. On the other hand this is the aspect that determined the success of the series: its fantastic unpredictability. Thanks to so many new discoveries, revelations and hidden secrets that are slowly coming to light, the viewer is thus called to put his/her intuition and deductive abilities into active play.

So while it’s a little missed seeing the trio of protagonists interact with each other, it’s nice to see each of them try to relate to their respective partners. If Oliver seems to have found in Loretta the life partner that fate has always denied himCharles, although he understood his mistakes thanks to the comparison with the hilarious Sazz (Jane Lynch) risks losing the only woman who had decided to love him despite all his flaws. Mabel, on the other hand, lets down her defenses with a man with whom she feels a strong connection and who she seems to consider a kindred soul.

Recensione Only Murders in the Building 3: episodio 5


L’episodio 5 di Only Murders in the Building 3 manages to make us passionate not only about the mystery component, but also about the experience of the protagonists, without thereby resolving into a filler. The always excellent soundtrack and the suggestive settings also contribute to recreating unique atmospheres of their kind, capable of reflecting the interiority of the individual characters, outlined with care and capable of being credible and coherent in each of their actions.

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