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Intel Unveils Next Generation Xeon with Performance and Efficient Architectures

In this year’s edition of Hot Chipswhich has just ended, Intel presented a first insight into the line next generation Intel Xeon products. They are based on ainnovative architecture. This is an important evolution for Intel Xeon, adding a new Efficient-core (E-core) architecture to the established Performance-core (P-core) architecture. Codenamed Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids, these simple and flexible new products offer a compatible hardware architecture. As well as a shared software stack to tackle heavy workloads like artificial intelligence.

Hot Chips 2023: Intel sessions for the Xeon platform

During Hot Chips 2023, Intel held two sessions. Here the technical specifications and characteristics of thearchitecture of the Xeon platform and products arriving in 2024. Along with more information on 5th Generation Intel Xeon processors launching later this year. In another session, the new features related to the Intel Agilex® 9 Direct RF Series FPGAs were presented.

Intel Xeon news

The new Intel Xeon platform uses modular system-on-chip (SoC) for greater scalability and flexibility. They are designed to meet the growing demands for scalability, processing and energy efficiency that characterize AI, cloud and enterprise installations. Its innovative architecture also helps maximize investment by offering two different socket-compatible processors for simplicity and interchangeability for any workload.

Xeon processors with E-core

Intel Xeon processors with E-core (Sierra Forest) are enhanced to provide energy-efficient density-optimized processing. Xeon processors with E-core deliver best-in-class power density performance, with particular benefits for cloud-native and hyperscale workloads.

Processor Intel Xeon con P-core

I processor Intel Xeon con P-core (Granite Rapids) are optimized to deliver lowest cost of ownership (TCO) for performance-sensitive high-core workloads. But also general computing workloads. Already today, Xeon offers higher AI performance than any other CPU, and Granite Rapids will improve on that. Built-in accelerators give an extra boost to targeted workloads for even greater performance and efficiency.


Le FPGS Intel Agilex 9 Direct serie R

Le FPGS Intel Agilex 9 Direct serie RF with integrated Data Converter from 64 Gsps (giga-sample per second). They are a new benchmark for broadband agility, they include both broadband and narrowband receivers within the same multichip package. The wideband receiver provides the FPGA with an unmatched 32GHz RF bandwidth.

Intel’s data center roadmap and products are on track. 5th Generation Intel Xeon processors (codenamed Emerald Rapids) are being sampled from customers. Their launch is expected in the fourth quarter of 2023. Intel Xeon processors with E-core (Sierra Forest) will be shipped in the first half of 2024. Intel Xeon processors with P-core (Granite Rapids) will follow shortly thereafter.

Intel Agilex 9 Direct RF FPGAs were delivered to BAE systems six quarters ahead of schedule. Demonstrating Intel’s ability to rapidly deliver industry-leading functionality via chiplet-based heterogeneous integration. It is powered by Intel’s embedded multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) technology.

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