Review Vikings 6B, Ragnar's legacy

Review Vikings 6B, Ragnar’s legacy

Vikings, the epic saga dedicated to the battles of the sons of Odin, comes to its conclusion: read our review of the last part of the sixth season

ORIGINAL TITLE: Vikings. KIND: Historical. NATION: Canada. CREATOR: Michael Hirst. CAST: Alex Høgh; Marco Ilsø; Jordan Patrick Smith. DURATION: 45 min. about per episode. DISTRIBUTOR: TimVision; Netflix. EXIT: December 30, 2020 its TimVision; 30 March 2021 its Netflix.

After being distributed in Italy by the TimVision streaming platform, it also arrives on Netflix the second part of the sixth season of Vikings. This concludes, after six long years, the series by Michael Hirst dedicated to the battles, conquests and explorations of the Norman warriors in the ninth century. We say goodbye forever to Bjorn, Ivar, Ubbe and Hvitserk remembering who started the epic saga: the warrior Ragnarr Loðbrók.

The plot | Vikings 6B review

After the clash with Bjorn, who dies as a true leader on the battlefield, Ivar, who realizes that little Igor is now ready to become King, decides to leave Kiev and return to Kattegat with his brother Hvitserk. Here they discover that Harald is the new King, and they realize that Kattegat is no longer their home. The boneless proposes to the brother of return to Wessex to attack King Alfred and start a new battle between Vikings and Saxons.

Meanwhile, in Greenland the situation becomes increasingly unsustainable for Ubbe’s group. Thus, to the umpteenth confrontation with Kjetil, who refuses to share with the others a whale stranded on the beach, Ubbe, Torvi and a few others decide to get away on a ship and set off for new lands. After a difficult journey, they arrive on the shores of a land unknown to them and meet the Mi’kmaq, a Native American population with whom coexistence will not always be easy.

The Sons of Ragnar | Vikings 6B review

Although Ragnar hasn’t been a part of the series for a couple of seasons, it’s undeniable that the last handful of Vikings episodes is a celebration of his character, who lives on in his children; Bjorn, Ubbe, Ivan and Hvitserk.

In fact, each of them carries within themselves a part of Ragnar: in Bjorn let’s review the fury in battle and the ambition to become King; in Ubbe the thirst for knowledge, the desire to explore new lands, to know different cultures; with Hvitserk we rediscover the weaknesses, the moments of perdition and the debauchery of the life of the now old, tired and drug-ridden Ragnar; Ivar, finally, he represents the strategist Ragnar, shrewd, intelligent and with that flash of genius and recklessness that made him a unique human being, who seemed almost a god.

It is in these characteristics, in the legacy of Ragnar, that we can still taste a bit of the first Vikings, the one we were madly in love with.

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The regret of the first seasons | Vikings 6B review

With the thought that inevitably flies us to Ragnar and the first four seasons of the series, it is difficult not to regret the times when the character played by Travis Fimmel was the absolute protagonist of the story.

After Ragnar’s death, Vikings has lost much of its charm, because he was the character who attracted attention with his magnetism, charm and charisma.

Although, in fact, Ragnar has continued to live, in part, in some of the characteristics of his children, his absence is weighed like a boulder on the Hirst series, and Vikings, without its protagonist and accomplice an excessive redundancy in the plots. proposals, he struggled to find a new identity or a character so captivating to keep the interest of the fans alive.

There remains, therefore, the regret that a series with immense potential like Vikings has been lost along the way and has not ended its journey in the best way.


It is never easy to say goodbye to a series that, despite its ups and downs, has kept us company for years. Should Vikings have ended sooner? Sure. Could he have done more in characterizing the story and characters in the past two seasons? Absolutely yes. But we will always remember him for the perfectly choreographed battles, for the characteristic photography made of cold colors, for the wonderful Nordic landscapes, for the fascinating mysticism. Who knows if in the spinoff, Vikings: Valhalla, we will find some of the atmosphere of the old Vikings.

6 The regret of the first Vikings

Points in favor

  • Nostalgic flavor
  • Photography
  • Scenography

Points against

  • Copy characters
  • Redundant storylines
  • Unattractive plot

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