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Reviews Ecovacs Deebot N8 +

In this article we will look at the review of Ecovacs Deebot N8 +. The robot vacuum cleaner that leaves almost nothing to chance

We have already reviewed many models of robot vacuum cleaners and now it is time to see how the Ecovacs ambassador performed. The model we are reviewing is among the brand’s best sellers and to do things properly Ecovacs, which we thank, has provided us with the plus model which differs from the basic one for the emptying station.

Obviously the station in question can also be purchased separately. However, we decided to make this clarification so as not to create confusion. In fact, the only difference between Deebot N8 and Deebot N8 + lies precisely in the presence and absence of the aforementioned emptying base.

Let’s begin to see how this fared in the tests being reviewed Ecovacs Deebot N8 +.

Packaging e design | Recording Ecovacs Deebot N8 +

The packaging of the Deebot N8 + robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber is full of details and care for them.

We find a cardboard package that shows a photo of the robot, some of the main details and a seal that guarantees the integrity of the package.

Inside the package we find, in well divided and well protected compartments, the robot, the emptying station and the accessories.

As it is easy to guess from the photos, the required assembly is really simple and intuitive. In fact, to start, once the various protections have been eliminated, just insert the brushes into the robot and connect the base to the electric current.

As for aesthetics, white reigns supreme and allows us to place our vacuum cleaner in any corner of the house, provided there is an electrical outlet, without having to hide it in a closet.

The charging and emptying dock itself boasts a simple but sophisticated design at the same time that allows us to leave our automated vacuum cleaner in plain sight.

Usage and performance | Ecovacs Deebot N8 + review

We have tried this automatic vacuum cleaner in many fields and if we have to be honest it has almost always behaved excellently.

The suction force is more than enough to remove dust, animal hair and everything that can end up on the floor every day. Crumbs from a fleeting snack or potato chips scattered from a small house party won’t be a problem. Different for washing, but let’s go step by step.

Let’s discover this robot vacuum cleaner thanks to its technical data sheet

  • Suction power: 2300 Pa
  • Type of navigation: Smart Navi 3.0, TrueMapping
  • Dust container capacity:  0,42 ml
  • Battery: Li-ion (3200mAh)
  • Battery Life: 110 minutes of continuous work
  • Time Of recharge: from 0% to 100%: 4 hours
  • Power nominal: 40W

As far as suction is concerned, the automatic increase function on the passage of the carpets is much more than useful.

The emptying station is also very convenient, which will allow the dust collection drawer to be emptied in total autonomy. At each return to the dock autonomously the emptying will start which can also be started by the application.

Each dock bag will need to be replaced when full. A bag fills up in about a month, with an average use, but obviously the timing varies from person to person. However, the replacement of the bag remains a very simple operation.

Power management is obviously managed through the convenient application, the same applies to washing management.

If for suction we are in front of a very high level as regards washing, the level drops drastically. Although you can set more levels of water that wet the cloth, we will only reach a superficial passage able to remove only the less stubborn stains.

To give a practical example, floor stains such as halos or the like will be effortlessly wiped away by our Ecovacs Deebot N8 but a stain from a carbonated drink or fruit juice will give our floor cleaning robot a lot of trouble.

Application and mapping | Ecovacs Deebot N8 + review

As you could have guessed, we are really satisfied with the application supplied with this Deebot N8 +. The ability to manage the suction power, the amount of water for washing, the creation of virtual barriers and the ability to choose which room to clean and which not are truly indispensable features..

The mapping I remember is managed with D-ToF laser sensors, it is possible on two levels. So if like me you have a house with two floors you can easily manage both mappings without problems.

Last but not least the function that allows use through the Google Home and Alexa voice assistants. In our tests we used Alexa which allows us to operate, stop and charge our robot with voice commands.

Reviews Ecovacs Deebot N8 +

Who should buy it?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner to anyone who loves technology and is looking for a solution for cleaning the house that is home automation and autonomous in practically all its forms.

Cleaning and autonomous emptying make this Ecovcs Deebot N8 + a real jewel of pure technology. The continuous cleaning that continues once the battery is recharged, the automatic emptying and the accurate and precise mapping mean that you will hardly be able to do without this robotic helper once you have tried it.

Of course the price is not the most affordable but the price is in line with the market.

We would have liked to have had a more “important” impact in the washing phase but overall cleaning done in the traditional way will be just a memory.

Points in favor

  • Great mapping system
  • Complete application
  • Automatic emptying

Points against

  • A little high cost
  • Washing not at the top
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