Revolut e pagoPA: pagare tributi, imposte e rette diventa semplice thumbnail

Revolut and pagoPA: paying taxes, fees and tuition becomes simple

From now Revolut integra pagoPAI allow customers of the financial super app of pay taxes, duties and fees towards the Public Administration and other adhering subjects. The function is available from today for all iOS users, regardless of the plan subscribed, while for Android smartphone owners it will arrive in the coming weeks.

“Revolut is once again confirmed as a game-changer in the financial landscape: not only have we integrated pagoPA into our platform to allow our customers to use the service with the fast and easy way that has always distinguished us, but we have also decided to eliminate commissions in the wake of what we have already been offering for years, to ensure that people get more power in managing their money and that they do not find themselves paying unnecessary commissions when they are already paying a tax, “he commented Elena Lavezzi, General Manager Italy and Southern Europe of Revolut.

How to make a pagoPA payment with Revolut

The procedure is really simple and requires, first of all, the updateor the Revolut app. Once you have installed the latest version you will need to:

  • Touch the icon with two arrows to open the tab Payments;
  • Touch the QR code icon at the top right e scan the QR code within the payment notification;
  • Check the details e approve the payment.

All receipts will be kept in the transaction list, so that they are always available.

What is Revolut?

Revol is an app that allows all adults to create an account in a few minutes, using only their smartphone.
At your disposal the possibility to spend and transfer money all over the world, change currencies directly within the app, manage money through spending categories and budget control, set aside change, donate to charity, invest in cryptocurrencies and much more, with no hidden fees.

The plans also include a physical card – customizable -, the latter’s compatibility with Google Pay and Apple Pay, and a host of security features that keep your savings safe.

Want to find out more and create an account? Find here all the information about Revolut.

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