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New Jeep Grand Cherokee in Europe only plug-in hybrid

A few months after its launch in the USA, which took place last September, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is preparing for its arrival in Europe. It is an important moment for the brand and model, which for the first time in its history will be equipped exclusively with the innovative 4xe Plug-in Hybrid system, following Jeep’s electrification strategy. The implementation of the 4xe system gives life to the most ecological Grand Cherokee 4 × 4, but also the most powerful ever created.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee

Based on a new platform, specifically to house the electric propulsion systems, the fifth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is redesigned, dynamic, with the characteristic grille and LED technology lights, with the cabin exuding luxury. Widespread digital technology, with two screens, one 10.25-inch for the dashboard and one 10-inch for the advanced Uconnect5 multimedia system. At the same time, to stay in the “premium” sector, it offers a wireless charging system, a McIntosh audio system with 19 950 Watt speakers and adjustable LED interior lighting.

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The new Grand Cherokee also impresses with the complete package of Advanced Assistance Systems (ADAS) which it is equipped with and which gives it the possibility of level 2 autonomous driving. Also through the Jeep application, the user can control the condition of the vehicle, but also its functions (such as locks, air conditioning, lights, etc.) remotely via the mobile phone. The 10-inch Color Head Up Displaythe night vision camera, the digital central mirror, but also systems such as autonomous parking and autonomous braking with recognition of pedestrians and bicycles complete the options available to customers of one of the most advanced premium SUVs in the world.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 380 HP 4 × 4 hybrid

In terms of propulsion, thea Plug-in Hybrid 4xe combines a 2.0-liter Turbo petrol engine with two electric motors, one on each axle. In total, the system delivers 380 hp and 637 Nm of torque. Thanks to the 400V battery with a capacity of 17 kWh, you can drive the car purely electrically up to 51 km. This feature makes them perfect when moving around the city as CO2 emissions are totally eliminated.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeeps have always been characterized by the four-wheel drive system, even if, now, they are not all 4 × 4. As for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, the brand maintains its DNA by offering an all-wheel drive system Quadra-Drive II, which are combined with Quadra-Lift pneumatic suspensions. There is, as befits an SUV of this category, a Selec-Terrain traction management system with five options available: Auto, Snow, Sand / Mud, Rock and Sport. Driving modes that ensure that the new Grand Cherokee retains all the legendary 4 × 4 features that accompany the Jeep name.

The pre-order of the new Grand Cherokee is now available with the special Launch Edition for the markets of Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, soon followed by the rest of the Old markets. Continent.

In Italy, and only until March 30, you can pre-order directly on the Jeep website at a discounted price 94.000 euroanticipating € 24,340 and accounting for 36 installments of € 859 (Taeg 4.35%), and a final maxi-installment of € 46,380.

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