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REYNATIS: the action RPG arrives on PC, Switch, PS4 and PS5 in the West

FuRyu and Natsume Atari’s action RPG REYNATIS is coming to the West for PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5

“Damn, the West won”, and it won big if we count that NIS America will bring ‘s action RPG to the West FuRyu e Natsume Atarior the dark adventure REYNATIS: Confirmed platforms are PC (Steam), PS4, PS5 e Nintendo Switch. The computer format is freshly announced, while in Japan the game will only arrive on consoles July 25th. NIS America describes the game as an action RPG set in a Shibuya faithfully reproduced, where fantasy and reality collide and the magicians are an oppressed minority. The magician Marin find Shibuya the agent Sari of the MEA, an organization that keeps tabs on sorcerers.

The World ends with The West: che REYNATIS arrivi su PC, Switch, PS4 e PS5 anche da noi?

Whether players decide to live their adventure on PC, PS5, Switch or PS4, in REYNATIS the aim is always one: hide among civilians, go shopping and tackle quests, to the tune of the always extraordinary Yoko Shimomura. The plot is abouteternal conflict between freedom and securityin a Shibuya full of secrets from which to access the fantastic world of Another. The secrecy in which we will operate will see us fight furtively or, vice versa, giving vent to our magical flair with devastating spells. Each of the six playable protagonists boasts their own abilities, ranging from summons to aerial attacks. A one-of-a-kind adventure, in short, if we hadn’t yet understood from trailer above.

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