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Riccardo Trevisani comments on a Mario Strikers: Battle League Football match

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will arrive on June 10 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Get ready why Super Mario is about to return with a new sports video game, this time dedicated to the sport most loved and followed by Italians. Let’s find out all the details together.

Mario Strikers: Riccardo Trevisani comments on a match

The cute mustachioed plumber and his friends are ready to challenge each other strikea discipline similar to soccer where the best defense is offense. For the occasion, even the well-known commentator Riccardo Trevisani took the field, commenting on an entire strike match between the Rocketsteam headed by Super Marioe i Crownsled instead by its antagonist par excellence, the fearsome Bowser.

The iconic voice of Trevisani accompanies the over 6 minutes of matchbetween spectacular passages and scenic shots that challenge the laws of physics.

The match Rockets against Crowns highlights all the main features of the new and anticipated title, which is making its big comeback on Nintendo Switch after 15 years. In this new adventure, players will be able to play strikeone 5 vs 5 sports similar to football. In this game there is only one rule: do what you can to win.

Players will be able to choose from a roster of ten characters from around the Kingdom of Mushrooms to compose your own team and thus embark on challenges in which everything is allowed. The strike is in fact a unique discipline, made up of aggressive tackles and devastating special shotscalled hyperthyroidismwhich allow you to score well two goals instead of one.

Also, your team will be highly customizable thanks to the ability to assign specific equipment to certain characters. These equipments don’t just modify the lookbut also statistics such as speed, forza e precision.

A multiplayer experience not to be missed

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, thanks to the ability to include in every game up to eight playersit’s really the new multiplayer experience from the brand Mario not to be missed on Nintendo Switch. To share the fun with fans from all over the world, the online mode it will also include the modality Club Striker.

This allows a 20 players to join forces to try to climb the world rankings. It will be possible create your own team e customize it. Waiting for the fans, every week there will be challenges different that will allow you to move to the upper division or back to the lower one, just like in a real football championship.

A spot was also created of the famous video commented by Riccardo Trevisani, which will be broadcast on all Nintendo digital channels. It will also be broadcast on TV starting in 22 maggio 2022 with the version from 20’’.

To conclude we remind you that Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will be available from June 10 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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