Riders Republic: announced the release date of the beta version

Ubisoft has revealed the period in which it will be possible to access the beta version of Riders Republic, the new video game dedicated to extreme sports.

Ubisoft, waiting to release the full game, is preparing to make available a beta version of Riders Republic, the new title dedicated to extreme sports. This version will be available for a limited period of time and will allow you to try only some of the functions that will make up the complete product. The trial, as well as the finished product, will be made available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC and will be accessible via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Launcher.

Riders Republic: here is the release date of the beta version

The beta release date by Riders Republic has been set for the next one 23 August. The trial will remain available for two days, until the 25th of the same month. The functions that will be possible to try are Gara in Massa, which can contain up to fifty players at the same time; Trick Battle, where two teams of six players collide in a trick and stunt competition; All against all, which provides constant challenge to new players and finally Versus, which allows you to challenge a specific other player.

All modalities multiplayer they can be played together with a group of up to five other players. As proof of the attention that the title places on his own social dimension, who will have access to the demo will be able to invite two other people to try it. As previously announced, the full version release date of Riders Republic has been postponed to next fall.

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