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Riders Republic: Comes Today Season 2: Duel

Duel arrives today, the second season of Riders Republic that introduces numerous vehicles, a new arena and other exciting new features. In short, a renewed gameplay that will allow players to compete in new races and challenges that will give access to exclusive rewards for the whole season. Duel is available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Windows PC (via Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store)

All the news of Duel on Riders Republic

Here are all the news of Duel:

  • New multiplayer arena for 6vs6 matches
  • New vehicles
  • Manualmode: for driving on one wheel only
  • Friends list: allows players to create their own community with their friends
  • New mass races
  • New outfits and session markers
  • New progression with 7 weekly spotlights.
  • Live events and activities

The new progression will allow all players to unlock exclusive rewards. In addition to that there will be special live events, such as the Rabbids Takeover which kicks off on May 18th.

Ubisoft also announces that Year 1 Pass holders will have privileged access to two vehicles this season: Spider and Juggernaut. Both will also be available as a Showdown Mode package, alongside the exclusive Sniper vehicle. Players can get the Year 1 Pass with Riders Republic Gold or Ultimate Edition, or as a separate purchase. The Welcome Pack will be sold separately and will include a new legendary outfit and 2300 Republic Coins.

RR Showdown Screen TEAMS 25042022 6PM CEST

RR Showdown Screen TOYS 25042022 6PM CEST

RR Showdown Screen LIGHTNINGBOLTS 25042022 6PM CEST

RR Showdown Screen SHOWDOWNARENA 25042022 6PM CEST

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