Apple, without charger, saves 550 thousand tons of minerals

Apple, senza caricatore risparmia 550 mila tonnellate di minerali thumbnail

FromiPhone 12 Apple he decided to remove the magazine from the packaging of its smartphones, but there is energy saving: the company announces that it will having saved 550 thousand tons of minerals. Copper, tin, zinc. All mineral resources spared. For the company “it’s really worth it “. But there is no shortage of online criticism.

Apple announces that it has saved 550,000 tons of minerals without the iPhone charger

The announcement not to include the charger in the box has sparked several protests for Apple. When Tim Cook announced the novelty presenting iPhone 12, many users complained: such an expensive smartphone cannot arrive without a essential accessory.

But Apple immediately said it was doing it to reduce resource consumption. And today he continues to do so, saying that with the iPhone 12 and 13 he saved a lot. “The charger is no longer included, this change was quite bold. According to estimates, we have saved 550,000 tons in minerals of copper, tin and zinc. The lesser exploitation of the Earth’s resources is really worth it ”.

Apple also announced that by eliminating plastic from packaging it has reduced plastic consumption by 600 tons. But while the absence of plastic has sparked positive reactions online, many users question the savings on mineral resources.

“Don’t I have to buy it anyway? It’s not that the phone doesn’t need a charger anymore”Some users point out when commenting on the announcement. Others point out that avoiding putting headphones and chargers in the box leads to savings already reached 6.5 billion dollars in recent years. Making one think that these are the numbers that Apple executives consider a success.

In fact, Apple saves up to $ 35 for each iPhone which sells not including the charger. But the prezzo of iPhones does not seem to reflect this savings. While these criticisms don’t seem to affect sales: iPhone 13 has sold better than any other iPhone launched to date.

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