Riders Republic: offered a free trial of the first four hours of play

Although Riders Republic is still a few days away from its release date, in the meantime, players will be allowed to take a four-hour free trial of the reckless Ubisoft game.

Ubisoft has decided to further increase its presence in games extreme sportsmen, this time through the reckless MMO Riders Republic, in which it will be possible to show off driving without brakes together with your own car. Furthermore, the choice will not be limited to actual vehicles, but will even allow the use of wingsuits. Last week there was already the opportunity to enjoy the full game on PC for free for one day only, where it was also possible to try the five career specialties in single player, co-op and multiplayer. Still, it looks like the trial is back, and it can last up to four hours for free with the full game.

The Riders Republic game will have a four hour free trial

Riders Republic has undergone several postponements, going from a date set for February that was moved to September, and then finally being placed in late October. So the title may still be on the verge of having to find a way to start on the right foot, and probing the opinions of players by giving them various free trials could be quite useful for the development team. In the most recent news, Riders Republic will be playable for free for the first four hours of the game, and this trial will continue until launch day of the title. The progress made during the games will then be carried over to the full version of the game, should you decide to purchase it.

Riders Republic: offered a free trial of the first four hours of play

During this test week, there will also be an event that will feature a “Mad Challenge” within the game modes. It will be unlocked by completing the tutorials and earning twenty stars. Who will sign up for the challenge and will get a place among the top 10 in a competition with other players he will have the opportunity to be part of the draw to decide who the prize will go to. Only one winner will get one bike and a Gold Edition of the game, while the other 100 candidates will only have the Gold Edition. Riders Republic will be released on October 28, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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