RiMS Racing: game development diaries available

RiMS Racing: disponibili i diari di sviluppo del gioco thumbnail

NACON and RaceWard Studio release new details on the development of RiMS Racing. The new motorcycle simulator will be available next 19th of August aiming to offer a truly complete experience for players. Pending the release of the game, the first videos with the development diary created by the RaceWard Studio team have been released online.

RiMS Racing: the new development diaries

RiMS Racing is one of the most interesting titles of the coming weeks. The game, developed by the Italian team RaceWard, aims to offer a realistic experience characterizing itself as a real simulator. The first video of the development diary analyzes all the various stages of development of the game, from the design to the research work necessary to create a motorbike simulator capable of maximizing realism.

Marco Ponte, CEO of RaceWard Studio and Creative Director of the game, highlights the importance of technical details in game design and the goal of offering maximum immersion. The second video highlights the collaboration with manufacturers such as Ducati and includes the presence of the official Ducati test rider, Alessandro Valia. For more details, please refer to official site of the developer.

Release and availability platforms

The new RiMS Racing will be officially available starting next 19th of August. The game will come up PC and on consoles. The supported consoles will be Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S e One e Nintendo Switch.

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